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The Wraith

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A mysterious figure suddenly appears to challenge a gang of motorhead thugs.... (Full plot summary below)

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A mysterious figure suddenly appears to challenge a gang of motorhead thugs.

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Cinema Crazed - 3/10 by Felix Vasquez Jr. The kind of revenge B movie you can enjoy thanks to its eccentric tone and unique hero.
User Review - 10/10 by V R [b]Charlie, your the bomb in Wraith Yo![/b]
User Review - 10/10 by Tom C An old movie, I loved it when I was younger & still think it is a cool movie.
User Review - 10/10 by kimmy Awesome movie evem if it is B rated in some opinions. Charlie Sheem and Sherilyn Fenn were great in the movie. How about that Dodge Daytona concept car?
User Review - 10/10 by TheBrownHornet J Not many know of this great movie, but its awsome!
User Review - 10/10 by Curtis b I can't get enough of the car in this movie, a Charlie Sheen classic.
User Review - 10/10 by Chris Calamity This was a pretty good movie,1 of Charlie Sheen's first roles
User Review - 10/10 by Robin B an old movie, with a very futuristic Oldsmobile in it, not to mention some other nice 80's cars. these are the only reason i watched this movie as a kid, but even now watching it again i like it.
User Review - 10/10 by Michael K Charlie Sheen stars in this story about a man who is killed by a gang and comes back in a sleek, futuristic car. He is known as The Wraith. Sherilyn Fenn and Randy Quaid also star.
User Review - 10/10 by dale r This is probably the best movie of all time. "The Wraith" is a shotgun weilding ghosty dude out for revenge in a racing helmet. Only instead of actually shooting people, he races them. Oh, and he is... Charlie Sheen.. yeah.
User Review - 10/10 by Agapito S aw, shit......the only thing I like about THIS movie is......the car!!!!!!!!!!!
User Review - 10/10 by Andre M one of my all time favorites.. i watch it all the time and it is just as good today as it was 20 yrs ago

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