Cookie Analysis

This statement was last updated on 29 October 2012.

Cookies Explained

When we design websites, our aim is to make them useful, reliable, and easy to use. Sometimes the best way to achieve this involves placing small amounts of information on your device in the form of a text file called a cookie. Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.

Our Cookies

We you use our website we store data on your device about your web usage by setting several cookies. We have carried out a complete cookie audit for this website and published the information in full on this page for transparency and in order to comply with European Union cookie legislation.

1. Analytics

We use an open source analytic package called Piwik so record and monitor information about your visit to our website. This data set includes the following information about your browsing activity on our website:

  • The web browser you are using to view our website. This includes the exact software version.
  • The Internet Service Provider you are using to connect to us.
  • The screen resolution of the computer device you are using.
  • The search terms you used if you arrived here directly from a search results page.
  • The website which referred you to Watch Online For Free.
  • We determine if you have Javascript enabled.
  • We determine is you have Adobe Flash installed and which version you are running.
  • Which major town or city you are located near.

2. Referring Domain

We set a cookie called 'refdom' which records the host name of the webpage which you visited before reaching us. If you typed our web address into your browser address bar, this value of the cookie s set to 'direct'. This cookie expires 24 hours after to leave this website.

3. Social Sharing

If you use an 'addthis' widget to share one of our webpages on a social media site, a cookie called '__atuvc' is automaically set by addthis. This cookie is read by the addthis Javascript application to update the share count on our website so you can see the latest sharing statistics without needing to refresh the webpage.

4. Film History

We set a cookie called 'film_history' which keeps a record of the movies you have browsed.