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We respect the copyright of others and do not believe this website misuses any intellectual property. Please read through the about us page before filing a complaint along the lines of "you are streaming my film without permission". We do not stream movies. We do not host any files. We are not responsible for 3rd party websites. If you have a problem with another website, you need to contact them, not us. For example, if we link to a video on YouTube and you think the YouTube video violates your copyright, you need to file a DMCA request with YouTube and ask YouTube to remove the YouTube video from

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This site is working with DMCA Management with relation to copright claims from rights holders. All claims under the DMCA (1998) can be submitted to us through their service. Our DMCA-ID is: 8c28b6be83642c61d94e24ea2035f653. You can copy this code and enter it at: - where you can file your claim securely over an encrypted HTTPS.

Please complete the form on the DMCA Management and we will respond within 48 hours in-line with current guidelines.

Due to the high volume of spam messages we receive, please avoid using a free email account such as hotmail or gmail when filing a request because sometimes emails from these types of addresses are incorrectly filtered by our mail servers. Please provide as much information as possible. Incomplete requests will be ignored. Requests must be written in English.