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Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss.... (Full plot summary below)

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Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss.

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TNT RoughCut - 10/10 by Graham VerdonAn extremely funny white-collar satire filled with enough delightfully askew characters to pack a boardroom and the bright talent to do them justice, the picture should strike an achingly familiar chord with 9-to-5ers the world over. - 10/10 by Brian Mckaymore than a comedy . . . it is an anthem for the downtrodden cube-borgs everywhere, who have had the life and soul stomped out of them by an uncaring corporate entity. - 10/10 by David MedskerThe beauty of Office Space is its love for the mundane, and how people will go to sad, sad lengths to eradicate it.
Fantastica Daily - 10/10 by Staci Layne WilsonUm, yeah... why don't you just go ahead and... buy this DVD... That'd be great.
Arizona Daily Star - 10/10 by Phil VillarrealWho hasn't sat at his desk after lunch and spaced out for an hour? Who wouldn't love to march the copy machine into a field and go to town on it with a baseball bat?
Los Angeles Times - 9/10 by Kevin ThomasImagine a live-action version of the "Dilbert" comic strip with a touch of Hal Hartley's deadpan absurdism, and you're ready for the frequently uproarious "Office Space."
Detroit News - 9/10 by Susan StarkAs an update on eternal verities of life near the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, it's both knowing and amusing.
Mr. Showbiz - 9/10 by Cody ClarkA wily, inventive workplace comedy that's a scream in its finest moments and consistently amusing otherwise!
L.A. Weekly - 9/10 by Dave ShulmanMike Judge’s live-action directorial debut not only whittles the high-strung festering soul of ‘90s Orthodox Corporationism down to the quick and quintessential but wraps its veins around his fingers and flosses our teeth. - 9/10 by Ernest HardyFor the most part, the film is brilliant.

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