Dragged Across Concrete
Dragged Across Concrete

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Once two overzealous cops get suspended from the force, they must delve into the criminal underworld to get their just due.... (Full plot summary below)

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Once two overzealous cops get suspended from the force, they must delve into the criminal underworld to get their just due.

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Movie Reviews

Slant Magazine - 9/10 by Chuck BowenWith his latest, S. Craig Zahler doubles down on the best and worst elements of the pulp film.
Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Chris NashawatyIt’s a cliché to say that they don’t make movies like this anymore — nasty, nihilistic, nicotine-stained ‘70s death trips. But thank goodness that Zahler’s doing everything in his power to prove that cliché wrong.
RogerEbert.com - 8/10 by Brian TallericoThe result is a film that often feels like Zahler’s most assured to date. Self-indulgent? Oh yeah. A provocation? You bet. But it’s difficult to ignore the craftsmanship and performances in Dragged Across Concrete simply because you don’t like some of its darker themes or feel like it’s too long.
The A.V. Club - 8/10 by A.A. DowdThis is an ugly, borderline vile piece of work. Thing is, it’s also been made with craft, wit, and a frankly exhilarating disregard for how films like this are supposed to operate, how they usually sound and move.
Austin Chronicle - 8/10 by Richard WhittakerDragged Across Concrete is a nihilist's morality tale. In the end, Zahler suggests, there's the dead, the innocent, and those smart enough to know that running is the only path out; and even then, there's a lot of innocence on that pile of corpses.
IndieWire - 8/10 by Michael NordineDragged Across Concrete may be a hard movie to love, but it’s a much harder one not to respect and even admire.
The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Todd McCarthyMusic naturally plays the central role here, but the film usefully lays in historical and political details that lend it more heft and poignancy than most films of its type.
Variety - 7/10 by Guy LodgeAt a whopping 158 minutes, “Concrete’s” sleek, languorous anatomy of a heist represents the filmmaker’s most extreme exercise yet in painstaking genre deceleration, sparked as ever by the tangy movie-movie vernacular of his writing, the crunchy metal-on-asphalt dynamism of his craftsmanship, and the back-from-the-brink reanimation of his stars.
The Film Stage - 7/10 by Leonardo GoiWhere the new entry lacks in bloodshed and bone-splintering violence, it still confirms Zahler’s penchant for complicated characters, and conjures up a bad cops action movie which, despite blips in tension and a second half far superior to the first, crystallizes Zahler’s as a key name to watch for lovers of the genre.
Los Angeles Times - 7/10 by Justin ChangDragged Across Concrete has been made with enough skill and moody, meticulous craftsmanship — another Zahler signature — to earn its own measure of tolerance, or at least some closer scrutiny.

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