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Two best friends fall in love with a pair of women, but the relationships soon go in very different directions.... (Full plot summary below)

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Two best friends fall in love with a pair of women, but the relationships soon go in very different directions.

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Movie Reviews

Video-Reviewmaster.com - 8/10 by Steve Crum Controversial for its time Ken Russell classic.
Vogue - 6/10 by Janelle Okwodu Unable or perhaps unwilling to rein in the source material's sentiment, [director Ken] Russell created a work defined by its earnestness-something that remains potent nearly 50 years later.
Village Voice - 6/10 by Simon Abrams Bates and Reed's homoerotic sparring would be sexy and shocking in any context. But Women in Love's talkier scenes are more exciting than any screen nudity could be.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 6/10 by Dennis Schwartz It's Russell as restrained as he can be, who has fun delving into the sexual explorations of the author.
User Review - 10/10 by Antonius B An experimental and beautiful adaptation of a story about four individuals who set out on an adventure to explore their spiritual intimacy, backed by four incredible performances, especially from Glenda Jackson
User Review - 10/10 by Jeff B In interesting movie based on D.H. Lawerence's story. The performances are terrific and actress Glenda Jackson won the first of her two Oscars for this film. One thing I love about this movie is that it's well photographed. Cinematographer Billy Williams did an excellent job photographing the characters as well as the landscapes in the film leading him to receive a much deserved Oscar Nomination for this movie. Also features a terrific score by Georges Delerue and an interesting nude wrestling scene between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed which made this a ground breaking film for it's time.
User Review - 10/10 by Hal M One of the best movies ever made from a classic novel, thanks to Larry Kramer's skillful screenplay adaptation and Ken Russell's artistic direction. The casting too is inspired, with superb performances by Alan Bates, Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson. Even the supporting roles, such as Eleanor Bron as Hermione, are remarkable. Add gorgeous location cinematography and a lush musical score and you've got...well...perfection. Best seen on the big screen, if you ever get the chance. Obviously a film can't cover as much ground as a 400 page novel, but this IS reasonably faithful to its plot, theme, and characterizations.
User Review - 10/10 by Arianeta L Glenda Jackson's perfmormance is amazing "Film versions of great books are expected to be lesser beings than their inspirations, but Ken Russell's adaptation of D. H. Lawrence's masterpiece refuses to obey any rules"
User Review - 10/10 by Robert C A truly great cast at the top of their form, some superb locations and cinematography already make this a fine film, but it is also that rare flower, a Ken Russell film where he didn't let over-exuberance get the better of him. The title is a bit of a misnomer, because it is as much about exploring when deep male friendships can turn into love and what happens when love dies as it is about women in love, but that's DH Lawrence's doing, not Ken Russell's. Glenda Jackson deserved her Best Actress Oscar for Gudrun Brangwen, Alan Bates his Nomination for Rupert Birkin and Ken his Nomination for the Direction. Oliver Reed smoulders throughout what is probably his finest professional performance on film as Gerald Crich (although it probably ties with the later unprofessional TV appearance on After Dark for memorability). Quite why Jennie Linden faded from view is a mystery, because she is very impressive as Ursula. The recent BBC TV adaptation was very good, but this is better.
User Review - 10/10 by amy m Studied D.H.Lawrence at school - favourite author - and this is brilliant interpretation
User Review - 8/10 by jeffrey r Tho' I can't really figure out why Glenda Jackson won an Oscar for this, I did enjoy her performance. All the acting here is high quality. Not for all tastes, but for patient types who watch movies to both see and think, this is a must
User Review - 8/10 by Ice R Generalno ne volim ovakve dubokoumne filmove koji se sastoje iskljucivo od kontempliranja nad raznoraznim sveprisutnim pojavama (u ovom slucaju ljubav, brak i tome slicno) i gdje svi likovi pricaju ko da su doktorirali filozofiju. Osim naravno ako takav film rezira genije poput Kena Rasela, koji svojom urodjenom perverznoscu udise zivot pisanom materijalu. Npr. sta reci za scenu seksa izmedju Olivera Rida i Glende Dzekson koju prati jeziva horor muzika a u sve to umontirani kadrovi Ridove majke koja crkava od smijeha na sahrani svoje kcerke? I inace je muzika ekstremno neobicna i creepy, narocito kad se dvoje ljudi dohvate u ljubavnom zanosu. Film inace sjajno izgleda, glumci su odlicni (pogotovo Alen Bejts u ulozi nekakvog cinicnog cinika koji ima vrlo interesantne poglede na zivot, a Dzeni Linden ima najljepse oci koje ste ikad vidjeli u filmu) kao i muzika. Cisto sumnjam da bih imao zivaca da citam Lorensovu knjigu na kojoj je film zasnovan, ali u ovako slikovitom obliku je sjajno.

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