Triple Frontier
Triple Frontier

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Five friends re-unite to take down a South American drug lord.... (Full plot summary below)

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Five friends re-unite to take down a South American drug lord.

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Movie Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times - 9/10 by Richard RoeperFrom the direction to the script to the production elements to the performances, Triple Frontier is a first-class ride.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 8/10 by Calvin WilsonIt’s Affleck, as a cop whose skills are criminally underestimated, who makes the biggest impression.
Time Out London - 8/10 by Tom HuddlestonThere may be little here we haven’t seen before – glassy reflections of Michael Mann’s Heat pop up everywhere you look – but it’s all carried off with brashness and momentum by a director who genuinely seems to be having a blast.
Total Film - 8/10 by Jamie GrahamThis is the anti-Heat: no sheen, no shimmer, no obsessing over highly grandiose themes and precise compositions; just grime and desperation.
Screen International - 8/10 by Tim GriersonThe shifting loyalties and treacherous power plays that go on in Triple 9 are engaging, but Hillcoat especially shines in a series of three taut life-or-death sequences — one at the start of the film, one near the middle, and one at the end — that articulate more about who these characters are than anything they say.
San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by Mick LaSalleTriple 9 is terrific melodrama, but it’s melodrama all the same, and shameless.
Rolling Stone - 8/10 by Peter TraversSomewhere along the road of development hell, the movie settled for delivering standard-issue jolts for jocks.
Arizona Republic - 8/10 by Kerry LengelIt’s a movie that maybe tries to do too much, but it does enough of it well to keep you glued to the screen.
Los Angeles Times - 8/10 by Kenneth TuranTriple Frontier is a solid, engrossing genre item with designs on being something more. It doesn’t quite get there but it does well enough along the way to make the journey worth taking.
The Playlist - 8/10 by Rodrigo PerezChandor crafts a film in that contemplated vein of consequences, with a moral consideration for everything at stake, including the very souls of these soldiers, No one comes out clean.

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Triple Frontier