Tomorrow Never Dies
Tomorrow Never Dies

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James Bond heads to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.... (Full plot summary below)

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James Bond heads to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.

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Miami Herald - 9/10 by Howard Cohen For the most part, then, Tomorrow Never Dies is a straightforward action picture. And since the action is clearly and suspensefully staged, this unpretentious production turns out to be the best Bond flick in years.
Reeling Reviews - 9/10 by Robin Clifford A crowd-pleaser that does the series justice.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 9/10 by Dennis Schwartz The winsome pic gives the people what they want. At least, what they want from the Bond franchise.
Three Movie Buffs - 9/10 by Scott Nash So strong is this entry in the Bond series that were someone never to have seen a Bond film, this is probably the one I would use to introduce them to it.
Chicago Tribune - 8/10 by Gene Siskel The first James Bond film I've liked in many a year. - 8/10 by Michael Dequina One watches a Bond film for two hours of spy intrigue, car chases, fights, explosions, and beautiful women, and on that fairly undemanding level, it delivers the goods.
Cinema em Cena - 8/10 by Pablo Villaça Brosnan está bem mais seguro no papel do que no filme anterior.
Washington Post - 8/10 by Desson Thomson Tomorrow Never Dies isn't one of the great Bonds, by any means. But it's familiar, flashy and enjoyable in all the right places.
Radio Times - 8/10 by Adrian Turner Flaws aside, this was at the time the best Bond movie since the heyday of Mr Connery.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 8/10 by Roger Hurlburt Good news is, Tomorrow Never Dies is highly entertaining. It will thrill novices and delight old-guard Bondphiles.
New York Magazine/Vulture - 8/10 by David Denby You won't miss a thing should you leave well before the end. If more can't be found in Bond than this, I wouldn't object, in principle, to that tuxedo's being hung up in the closet for good.
Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) - 8/10 by Jeffrey Westhoff Pierce Brosnan's second outing brings a vigor the series hasn't seen since 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me.

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