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An escort who caters to Washington D.C.'s society ladies becomes involved in a murder case.... (Full plot summary below)

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An escort who caters to Washington D.C.'s society ladies becomes involved in a murder case.

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Movie Reviews

Detroit News - 9/10 by Tom Long It's vaguely interesting, but vagueness isn't a big turn-on for most audiences. You keep wishing The Walker would break into an extended run in some direction. But instead it merely meanders.
Laramie Movie Scope - 9/10 by Robert Roten A social dandy finds out he has an unexpected inner strength.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 9/10 by Dennis Schwartz All the emotional fuss dissipates in a small payoff when a big one was promised.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger Ebert A quietly enthralling film because it contains the murder and the investigation within Carter's smooth calm.
Detroit Free Press - 8/10 by John Monaghan This is no masterpiece, but a fine-tuned little thriller packed with meticulously chosen details of character and place.
ReelViews - 8/10 by James Berardinelli This is not Schrader's finest work. The script is not tight, the ending disappoints, and there's a little too much drawn from "American Gigolo." But there are some great one-liners, compelling actors, and well-developed characters.
New York Observer - 8/10 by Rex Reed The Walker is not a polished or coherent film. It's more like a work in progress. Casting Woody Harrelson was a tactical error from which the overall concept never recovers.
St. Paul Pioneer Press - 8/10 by Chris Hewitt (St. Paul) Wittily entertaining stuff, with the cast clearly relishing their snarky dialogue. Plus, the backdrop of political double dealing, with references to Whitewater and other D.C. shenanigans, adds an extra element of interest.
San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by G. Allen Johnson There is good writing here, and Thomas is very good as always, but the movie works because of Harrelson's performance.
Observer (UK) - 8/10 by Philip French A small-scale, lovingly crafted, low-budget picture.
Times (UK) - 8/10 by James Christopher A subtle satire about Washington hypocrisy and manners.
Cinematical - 7/10 by Scott Weinberg An unexpectedly candid character study that features a supremely solid cast of characters.

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