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Los Angeles Times - 7/10 by Katie WalshDirected by Deon Taylor with a cheeky sense of fun and deep knowledge of the genre, The Intruder is the kind of schlocky yet satisfying genre filmmaking that makes you jump and laugh at the same time.
Austin Chronicle - 7/10 by Matthew MonagleThe Intruder is a delightful use of the conventions of melodrama to subvert traditional horror archetypes.
The Guardian - 6/10 by Benjamin LeeThe Intruder isn’t bringing much that’s new to the table but what it does, it does well, and there’s something to admire about its stark efficiency, dragging us along with full force, even if we know exactly where we’re going.
The A.V. Club - 6/10 by Katie RifeThe film is so full of jump scare fake-outs and shout-at-the-screen moments, it neglects to build sustained suspense — a far worse sin than its lack of logic, which can actually be kind of fun.
New York Magazine (Vulture) - 6/10 by Bilge EbiriIt’s the rare actor who can make playing a character this messy look so effortless.
Entertainment Weekly - 5/10 by Leah GreenblattThe whole thing would be more fun, you start to feel, if Intruder just committed fully to the schlocky midnight-movie glory of it all; let Quaid’s lawn-mowing wingnut swing that ax not just for soft vulnerable body parts, but the stars.
San Francisco Chronicle - 5/10 by David LewisA B-movie with a few thrills and plenty of inane dialogue.
Movie Nation - 5/10 by Roger MooreAn entirely too manipulative, too obvious couple-in-jeopardy thriller, and a fun “bad” movie.
Original-Cin - 5/10 by Jim SlotekThe Intruder is the sort of thriller where the audience is in on pretty much everything from the beginning, and spends the rest of the movie waiting for the dolts onscreen to catch up.
The Playlist - 5/10 by Kimber MyersThe Intruder is a blunt but effective instrument. This thriller lacks subtlety and craft, but it succeeds at what it’s intending to do: keep the audience stress-eating popcorn for 100 minutes and leave entirely satisfied with the experience they just had. It’s not a good movie, but boy, is it fun.

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