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A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.... (Full plot summary below)

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A boy is given the ability to become an adult superhero in times of need with a single magic word.

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Movie Reviews

The Hollywood Reporter - 9/10 by Keith UhlichProves so determinedly ebullient you begin to think they're pumping laughing gas into the auditorium. The most kid-friendly DC movie so far, the film is thoroughly entertaining.
The Associated Press - 9/10 by Lindsey BahrNitpicks aside, Shazam! is just a lightning bolt of unexpected joy that is certainly worth your time and money.
IGN - 9/10 by Jim VejvodaShazam! is a lot of fun and it further proves how, in the wake of the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, DC’s movie future is indeed bright. Zachary Levi was born to play this superpowered man-child, delivering lots of laughs alongside sarcastic but amiable co-star Jack Dylan Grazer.
Chicago Sun-Times - 9/10 by Richard RoeperI loved the spirit and the heart of this film.
Vox - 9/10 by Alex Abad-SantosShazam’s tale of orphans and wizardry is not perfect — Sivana is a stylish but ultimately forgettable menace — but it’s pretty close.
Variety - 9/10 by Owen GleibermanA light, funny, grounded, engagingly unpretentious sleight-of-hand action comedy.
IndieWire - 8/10 by David EhrlichThis heartfelt origin story is more than the sum of its immense charm and Spielbergian attention to detail.
TheWrap - 8/10 by Alonso DuraldeThis new DC entry has a lovely lightness, both in the visuals and in its tone.
The Telegraph - 8/10 by Robbie CollinCasting is a strong suit here, and even the incidental characters are distinctive and precise.
Empire - 8/10 by Kim NewmanThe hardest power to depict onscreen is the wisdom of Solomon, but Shazam! makes clever decisions, mixing middle school snark with disarming sweetness. And — yes — it delivers the requisite lightning-strike punch-’em-ups with considerable force.

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