Dance Academy: The Movie
Dance Academy: The Movie

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This 2017 movie follows the original dance academy TV show and tracks where the characters are in their lives now.... (Full plot summary below)

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This 2017 movie follows the original dance academy TV show and tracks where the characters are in their lives now.

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Movie Reviews

ABC Radio Brisbane - 9/10 by Matthew Toomey There's a realness to these characters and their journey that makes this worth a look.
Screen-Space - 8/10 by Simon Foster While maintaining the heart that helped make it a small-screen hit, Dance Academy looks every bit the sumptuous big-screen drama.
The Australian - 8/10 by Stephen Romei I liked the Emma Stone-Ryan Gosling song and dance romance-drama, but for me Dance Academy feels more real. It has something about it that is more dramatic, more emotional, more complex.
Sydney Morning Herald - 7/10 by Sandra Hall The dialogue isn't exactly sparkling. It's matter-of-fact at best, cliched at worst, but Tara and friends are easy to like. The ballet movie tradition is well served.
Guardian - 6/10 by Luke Buckmaster Subversive entertainment it ain't. But nor is this well-paced yarn - with pleasing albeit narrowly scoped performances from a perky cast - bereft of pleasantries and surprises.
Daily Telegraph (Australia) - 6/10 by Vicky Roach Walker exhibits admirable restraint in the face of such potentially overwrought romantic tropes, refusing to milk the emotional moments, encouraging his actors to underplay the key scenes. The characters' self-deprecating humour also serves the film well.
Junkee - 6/10 by Alexandra Neill If you want to be a snob about dance-based drama for teens, that's your choice, but you're about to miss out on something pretty great.
ArtsHub - 6/10 by Sarah Ward What it lacks in surprises, it makes up for in poise, a standard coat of glossy-imaged polish, and an affable teen melodrama air.
The Age (Australia) - 6/10 by Jake Wilson Strauss is a writer of real flair. A former teen dancer, she knows the milieu like the back of her hand and is not ashamed to take delight in an all-Aussie phrase like "pity pash".
Graffiti With Punctuation - 6/10 by Blake Howard In the final stanza of "Dance Academy" it finally becomes the movie that you're hoping it will be; it's a crowd pleaser that has surprises up its sleeve.
3AW - 5/10 by Jim Schembri Fans of the show will feel dutifully well-served. Those coming to the film cold might feel a little iced out.
User Review - 10/10 by Eva C As a long time fan of the TV show I feel humbled that the writer, director and screenplays kept it so true to their original characters and kept the emotions real. I found myself crying so much through out the film, the characters lives feel so real, and the successful moments for the characters left me smiling from ear to ear. The music also was fantastic, a great mix of new hits and music especially created by the actors themselves for the movie. Overall great execution, fanastic acting especially from Dena Kaplan and Jordan Rodriguez who never seem to falter in their delivery. Highly recommend to anyone of all ages, but particularly for the dance lovers and long time dance academy TV show fans.

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