Blockbuster 1 Month Free Trial

Try the Blockbuster DVD and Blu-ray rental service for four weeks for only £1. It's a great time to be a Blockbuster online member, there are some cracking new films out right now and dozens more due for release over the coming weeks and months. Blockbuster is the cheapest way to watch the latest films long before they are available to view on SKY or Terrestrial TV. Blockbuster buy more copies of new releases than anyone else, and they have exclusive titles that you can't rent or buy anywhere else.

About Blockbuster UK

Blockbuster's goal is to be the destination of choice for movies, games and home entertainment both in-store and online. The company is continually looking for ways to offer its customers more value, choice and convenience. In 2002, Blockbuster UK introduced its online DVD rental service allowing customers to have access to almost every DVD and Blu-ray disc available in the UK. provides the latest releases and also gives it's customers much more choice from classic titles, foreign films, music DVDs, interactive game DVDs, language DVDs and popular TV series.

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