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Birth.Movies.Death. - 9/10 by Leigh MonsonIn terms of narrative and character arc, Venom is an absolute disaster.
The Film Stage - 9/10 by Vikram MurthiIt’s a cliché to praise a film by saying that an actor “is having fun” on screen, but Hardy having fun with a weirdly bland character and his absurd, sassy alter ego goes a long way to giving Venom a reason to exist.
Tri-City Herald - 9/10 by Gary WolcottI'm not a big Marvel movie nor a super hero movie fan but this one cracked me up. Tom Hardy has a blast with this material. The most fun you'll have in a movie this weekend.
Consequence of Sound - 9/10 by Clint WorthingtonTo be honest, Venom’s almost worth watching for Hardy’s bizarre accent and whirling-dervish mania alone, but it’s a shame he’s not surrounded by a better, more exciting film.
Collider - 9/10 by Perri NemiroffVenom almost gets away with its nonsensical plot in the end thanks to that Eddie and Venom bromance, but then you're reminded of the major missed opportunity here.
One Guy's Opinion - 9/10 by Frank SwietekThis odd blend of buddy flick and superhero movie-sort of like 'The Incredible Hulk' merged with 'Upgrade'-proves as unpleasant to watch as Venom is to look at.
About Boulder - 9/10 by Tim BrennanWith Venom, there's no love because there's no character to love.
Ian Thomas Malone - 9/10 by Ian Thomas MaloneLike Brock's relationship with Venom, the movie exists in constant turmoil between dueling desires to be simultaneously formulaic and spontaneous.
Mad About Movies Podcast - 9/10 by Brian GillA bafflingly stupid anti-hero feature that left me with a ton of questions such as, "What is Tom Hardy doing with his career?" and, "Why does Venom have to be so eat-y?"
Zaki's Corner - 9/10 by Zaki HasanWhat works in this movie's favor is a tone that makes it feel less like a response to the Marvel Cinematic Universe than an escapee from the Troma Pictures vaults that somehow managed to evade release for the last quarter century.

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