Under Milk Wood
Under Milk Wood

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- 62/100 based on 75 votes
  • Released: 2015
  • Runtime: 83 mins
  • Director: Kevin Allen
  • Studio: Sianel 4 Cymru (S4C)
  • Genres: Drama

Residents of a fictional Welsh community share stories and poems of their life in their seaside town.... (Full plot summary below)

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Full Plot Details

Residents of a fictional Welsh community share stories and poems of their life in their seaside town.

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Movie Reviews

Guardian - 8/10 by Andrew Pulver Allen's film comes across as a kind of fast-moving fever-dream - appropriately enough, given the swelling tide of fantasy that Thomas instils in the drama: everyone, and everything, is operating through a sweaty film of lust or delusion.
Times (UK) - 8/10 by Kate Muir How rarely does the cinema reverberate with meaty poetry like this?
Variety - 6/10 by Catherine Bray Thomas fans with an appetite for endless scenes of hearty romping featuring regrettably song-prone villagers will have little cause for complaint, but commercial potential will be otherwise restricted beyond the film's home turf.
The List - 6/10 by James Mottram If he were alive today, Thomas would almost certainly approve.
The Mail on Sunday (UK) - 6/10 by Matthew Bond There's lots to enjoy here -- but the story becomes a slog and is for Thomas-lovers only.
Independent (UK) - 6/10 by Geoffrey Macnab It may not be the recommendation that [Kevin Allen] is looking for but this is a film you can watch with your eyes closed and still enjoy.
Little White Lies - 4/10 by David Jenkins It all feels very much like an act of pure literary homage rather than giving any clue as to what the piece has to say about the here and the now. Plus, there's just no drama to it.
London Evening Standard - 4/10 by Guy Lodge [The film] has been entered for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar - good luck to them, but British cinema has been better represented. So, for that matter, has Dylan Thomas.
Scotsman - 4/10 by Alistair Harkness Essentially a plotless series of vignettes, linked together as a sort of fever dream of filth, fornication and surreal humour.
Screen International - 4/10 by Wendy Ide [The filmmakers] fail to make a persuasive case that this is a work that needs to be seen as well as heard.
Daily Telegraph (UK) - 4/10 by Tim Robey Too many of the film's bawdy inventions and gamey imaginings do little to enhance the spell Thomas cast with words. Far more often, they simply break it.
Guardian - 4/10 by Mike McCahill Where the words power ahead, unbowed by time, the images - here either manic and gurning, or hamstrung by their poverty-row origins - simply cower in their wake.

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Under Milk Wood