The Science of Sleep
The Science of Sleep

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A man entranced by his dreams and imagination is love-struck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world.... (Full plot summary below)

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A man entranced by his dreams and imagination is love-struck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world.

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Movie Reviews

Zertinet Movies - 10/10 by Steven SnyderThrough Gondry's eyes, the experience is not the story but the sensation of a dreamscape unlike any we have experienced before -- the place where fear walks hand-in-hand with hope, joy and imagination.
Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC) - 10/10 by Ken HankeThe most strikingly original film to hit movie screens this year -- or practically any other year for that matter.
Salt Lake Tribune - 10/10 by Sean P. MeansThe eye is given plenty to enjoy, but the heart goes wanting.
ReelTalk Movie Reviews - 10/10 by Jeffrey Chen[Its] surreal reach is unfettered, and as with Stephane's dreams it defies its own boundaries, mirroring a distressed human being's attempt to get a grip on wildly passionate emotions. - 10/10 by Uri LessingThe Science of Sleep is probably not a film for everyone, but in a perfect world where dreamers and artists were celebrated, it would be.
Arizona Daily Star - 10/10 by Phil VillarrealGondry's film certainly looks at life in a different way, and it refreshingly allows you to do the same, so long as you keep your eyes open.
Blunt Review - 10/10 by Emily BluntMichel Gondry is to visual art as Van Gogh is to post-impressionism; vivid bold and fearless, the seam of reality is present but you're never quite sure where they will lead your emotions, while taking an established artform to a different level.
Capital Times (Madison, WI) - 10/10 by Rob ThomasBoundless in its visual imagination but exacting in its emotional explorations, "Sleep" is one of the best and certainly most distinctive films of the year.
Village Voice - 10/10 by Dennis LimThe hyperactive juvenile whimsy and the stoner dream theories are out of control -- and fascinatingly close to pathology.
ViewLondon - 10/10 by Matthew TurnerBeautifully directed, charmingly surreal and genuinely romantic, this is the perfect offbeat date movie and easily one of the best films of the year.

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The Science of Sleep