The Ring Finger
The Ring Finger

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Iris finds a new job working in a preservation lab where she gradually enters into a troubled relationship with her boss.... (Full plot summary below)

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Iris finds a new job working in a preservation lab where she gradually enters into a troubled relationship with her boss.

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Entertainment Weekly - 10/10 by Lisa SchwarzbaumThe conclusion of Peter Jackson's masterwork is passionate and literate, detailed and expansive, and it's conceived with a risk-taking flair for old-fashioned movie magic at its most precious.
Charlotte Observer - 10/10 by Lawrence ToppmanJackson had the vision, persistence, insight and patience for this mighty job, plus the smarts to shape stage veterans and overlooked film actors into a seamless cast. He's made himself as immortal as a movie director can be.
Miami Herald - 10/10 by Rene RodriguezFeels like a miracle, a movie that exceeds even the most formidable expectations without straying from its singular path. All hail this King.
Baltimore Sun - 10/10 by Michael SragowIt rises, all on its own, to the realm of masterwork.
Premiere - 10/10 by Glenn KennyA phantasmagorical slab of epic entertainment that satisfies on every conceivable level.
Portland Oregonian - 10/10 by Shawn LevyFrom the acting to the special effects to the landscapes to the cinematography, editing and music, to the details of decor, wardrobe and armaments, we never once feel that we are in anything but the hands of an absolute master of the medium.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 10/10 by William ArnoldFirst and foremost, it soars because its grand design and numerous story problems were worked out half a century ago by a guy named Tolkien, and Jackson was smart enough to realize this.
Washington Post - 10/10 by Desson ThomsonThis movie is not only a thrilling experience, it closes the book on a truly satisfying trilogy.
Dallas Observer - 10/10 by Gregory WeinkaufThis film is a miracle, an extravaganza equal to its predecessors and in some ways more stunning. It is a profound testament to the extraordinary power of moving images and sound.
L.A. Weekly - 10/10 by Scott FoundasThe deep satisfaction of The Return of the King is in surrendering ourselves to the finale, in letting Jackson's superb storytelling (with due credit to co-screenwriters Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens) surround us like a blazing campfire tale -- which it does, gloriously.

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