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The Godfather

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The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.... (Full plot summary below)

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The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

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The Hollywood Reporter - 10/10 by Arthur KnightDirector Francis Ford Coppola, with a strong assist from cameraman Gordon Willis, has done an extraordinary job of capturing period and place.
Washington Post - 10/10 by Desson ThomsonThere are volumes that could be written -- and have been -- about the movie's uniformly powerful performances; its precedent-setting editing by William Reynolds and Peter Zinner; Nino Rota's haunting score; and Dean Tavoularis's evocative set design.
Sun Publications (Chicago, IL) - 10/10 by Josh Larsen...a metaphor for creating and protecting your own business in this country - only with the added glamour of guns.
Sacramento Bee - 10/10 by Joe BaltakeWith The Godfather, Coppola got everything right, balancing art with commerce -- and turning a big-studio project into something deeply personal and resonant.
Movie Views - 10/10 by Ryan CracknellCoppola offers a rich and layered look at family and does so with an incredible cast and a meticulous amount of detail. - 10/10 by OzA classic in its own very right, Director Francis Ford Coppola brings us, the ultimate mob movie.
Internet Reviews - 10/10 by Steve RhodesExamining the meaning of family, violence, love, betrayal, and loyalty just to name a few, its quality set a standard that few films have matched. - 10/10 by Kevin A. RansonWith all due respect to this 1972 classic, Vizzini was right: Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
Film Written Magazine - 10/10 by Shay CaseyIt engulfs us in the lives of a lot of despicable people, but it fails to repulse us.
Chicago Tribune - 10/10 by Michael WilmingtonBrando made Don Vito something we rarely see in movies: a tragicomic villain-hero, a vulnerable hood.

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