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A successful artist loses control of his life after his young daughter's death. A chance for a new start appears, but all is not what it seems.... (Full plot summary below)

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A successful artist loses control of his life after his young daughter's death. A chance for a new start appears, but all is not what it seems.

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Movie Reviews

TV Guide Magazine - 8/10 by Maitland McDonaghNeither Ketchum nor the filmmakers take an exploitative approach to the material; their focus is the way the youngsters' petty cruelty erupts into murderous sadism.
The New York Times - 3/10 by Neil GenzlingerGregory M. Wilson, the film’s director, has made the kind of movie that makes you wish you could rinse your brain in bleach, to wash all traces of it from your memory.
Village Voice - 2/10 by Nick PinkertonAny resonance from that real-life atrocity gets smothered by a script that interlaces clichéd dialogue so tightly as to block out any glint of recognizable human behavior.
New York Post - 1/10 by V.A. MusettoIf there is anything positive in The Girl Next Door, it is the brave performance by Auffarth, who is in her early 20s. Other than that, there's little reason to see the movie. Unless, of course, you get off on watching the sexual exploitation of underage girls.
User Review - 10/10 by JohnE.Don't listen to stodgy critics - this film is a powerhouse on all levels. Terrifying and tragic, it sucker punches the viewer and leaves him with a film experience he'll never forget.
User Review - 10/10 by DougM.This movie is not an easy one to watch, but it is just as gripping and disturbing as the book, and blance baker as ruth was phenomenal.
User Review - 8/10 by zgp92This is a faithfull and solid adaption of Jack Ketchum's brutal masterpiece, which was based on a true story. Could be deeper, but satisfying nonetheless Not for the squeamish.
User Review - 8/10 by LelandskellLet me start by saying this is a very good film. Yes it is unsettling and vile, but it is supposed to be that way. This movie feels like Stand By Me and It in certain ways, while also bringing strong scenes that truly reflect the terror these kids experienced. The movie was filmed quite well and has excellent production quality, along with strong acting from the lead actresses, and decent child acting. The character of David was a standout performance in relation to the other kids. This movie starts by showing how innocent and kind Meg is, then quickly begins to show the abuse. The abuse can seem pervasive at times, perhaps dragging on a bit. I think the physical violence was fairly mild compared to what it could have been. The movie focused mainly on the psychological torture elements more, showing the kids strength and will to live.
User Review - 7/10 by timrichieTwo main flaws make the film way less shocking (and good) than the book: the way the movie was directed, in which the director didn't mind excluding essential parts of the book in order to get to the good stuff (the girl's torture),which made it all the harder to enjoy. And the child actors who were HORRIBLY unconvincing (except for the two sisters). The highlight to the film though, is Blanche Baker who was the most interesting character of the film.
User Review - 5/10 by AlienSpaceBatsThe transition from harsh abuse to sheer sadism and an exploitative exhibition of abuse with limited "entertainment" value. There is little to recommend the film, those with a morbid curiosity may wish to take a look as part of a self-endurance test. Prizes on the way out.

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