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IndieWire - 10/10 by Eric KohnVisually scrumptious and slickly told, Creative Control illustrates the power of groundbreaking technology while also indicting its extremes.
Chicago Sun-Times - 9/10 by Richard RoeperAs we’re enjoying the beautiful cinematography and the fine acting and the dark humor, Benjamin Dickinson is delivering a signature work announcing his arrival as a filmmaker to watch for years to come.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10 by Tirdad DerakhshaniWhile it hits some of the usual sci-fi tropes, Creative Control's center of gravity isn't tech itself, but the relationships of those who use it.
The Verge - 9/10 by Bryan BishopWhile it may not be entirely successful, it’s a film filled with clever insights, driven by the kind of sharp filmmaking voice that can push the genre forward.
Movie Nation - 8/10 by Roger MooreThe story is lightweight and flimsy, and the resolution of the plot is too on-the-nose, pat, but the unfeeling nature of this future — about halfway to “Her” if you remember that film — and the mechanical nature of interactions, even sex, make Creative Control one of the most interesting recent exercises in film futurism.
The Playlist - 8/10 by Kimber MyersCreative Control has a lot to say, and style to spare, but stronger performances and better-drawn characters could have made its message even more effective and enjoyable.
Rolling Stone - 8/10 by Peter TraversCreative Control goes its own playful, provocative way. For a film about technology's growing dehumanization, this stylized beauty is a frisky, formidable temptation.
The Seattle Times - 8/10 by Soren AndersenCreative Control is a hypnotic voyage into a society where technology addiction comes to rule and ruin those who fall under its seductive spell.
The Guardian - 8/10 by Jordan HoffmanWhen something is this engaging (and funny, did I mention funny?) it ceases to merely be about ideas and becomes, even in this borderline sci-fi context, a thoughtful movie about people.
Entertainment Weekly - 8/10 by Chris NashawatyCreative Control is a much more modest film (both visually and thematically) than something like Her or Ex Machina, but it never feels hamstrung by its limitations. If you go with its future-shock flow, it will cast a spell that feels like something between a dream and a nightmare.

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