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An ex-con on the run from his criminal past hides out from those he ratted on by chaperoning a field trip to New Orleans.... (Full plot summary below)

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An ex-con on the run from his criminal past hides out from those he ratted on by chaperoning a field trip to New Orleans.

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Movie Reviews - 8/10 by Josh BellIf WWE is going to continue to insist on placing its stars in ill-fitting projects like this, the least it could do is spring for some livelier material.
New York Times - 5/10 by Neil GenzlingerA lightweight comedy aimed, presumably, at tweeners and fans of World Wrestling Entertainment
Village Voice - 5/10 by Ella TaylorYou get a bargain two high-concepts for the price of one in this amiably lame offering from Stephen Herek, who, once upon a time, cooked up an excellent Adventure for Bill and Ted, then veered off into inspirational goo with "Mr. Holland's Opus."
Variety - 5/10 by Ronnie ScheibNothing here -- technologically, linguistically or visually -- would not be more at home decades ago, when director Stephen Herek helmed "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" and "The Mighty Ducks."
Common Sense Media - 4/10 by Sandie Angulo ChenWrestler's family comedy is forgettable but OK for tweens.
Indiewire - 4/10 by Eric KohnFlatly directed by Stephen Herek from a screenplay by S.J. Roth, the movie seems to be at peace with its mediocrity. As a vehicle for WWE champ Paul "Triple H" Levesque, it's haplessly stuck on cruise control.
Los Angeles Times - 4/10 by Robert AbeleLevesque has rough, in-the-moment charm but paltry characterization skills, Corrigan's natural edge feels out of place as a Disney-esque hoodlum and Winter seems hamstrung playing an adolescent only a fraction as compelling as her hilariously bookish daughter on the ABC sitcom "Modern Family."
New York Post - 4/10 by Lou LumenickThe Chaperone squanders nice locations and an expert comic performance by Yeardley Smith (the voice of Lisa Simpson) as the teacher trying to supervise the trip.
The Hollywood Reporter - 4/10 by Frank ScheckLevesque, soon to be seen in an action movie, "Inside Out," that is probably more suited to his talents, is a reasonably engaging and likeable screen presence.
NY1-TV - 4/10 by Neil RosenIt's good, clean entertainment and if you have children and are looking for a night out with them, where they won't be rolling their eyes, they'll have a good time and you might even enjoy yourself, somewhat, as well.

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