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A workaholic executive, and an unconventional woman agree to a personal relationship for a short period. In this short period she changes his life.... (Full plot summary below)

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A workaholic executive, and an unconventional woman agree to a personal relationship for a short period. In this short period she changes his life.

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San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by Mick LaSalle Neither a masterpiece nor a remake of one, but its wistfulness is infectious, and its melancholy mood lingers for days.
Boston Globe - 6/10 by Jay Carr Anyone in the market for a bittersweet romantic comedy could do worse.
Village Voice - 5/10 by Michael Atkinson If the movie works on its own insipid level, it's because of high-gear star power -- 50 times the captivator Dennis ever was, Theron is terrific at creating adorable intimacy with little help from the script or director and exudes more guileless élan than any of the film's many puppies.
Slate - 5/10 by David Edelstein He's (Reeves) not as good as he was playing a menacing Georgia wife-beater in The Gift, but he's an awfully convincing jerk.
New York Post - 5/10 by Lou Lumenick The sweetest thing about Sweet November (a remake of the 1968 movie) is the on-screen magic between Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves. But that's pretty much where the magic ends.
USA Today - 4/10 by Susan Wloszczyna November is when we eat turkey, and Sweet November is pretty much a fat, juicy gobbler passed off as Valentine's Day date bait.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 4/10 by Carrie Rickey If Sweet November were a puppy, it would have rabies.
Variety - 4/10 by Todd McCarthy A contrived but entirely workable premise is given a well-tooled treatment in Sweet November, a femme-slanted doomed romance with a heavily calculated feel to it.
Chicago Reader - 4/10 by Lisa Alspector It's all corny and contrived and usually sensitive. The filmmakers even dare to show the effects of illness--a subject frequently glamorized to the point of being insulting--in a love scene of rare honesty.
Salon.com - 4/10 by Stephanie Zacharek Does neither of its leads any favors. But they fill their roles admirably, and then some. Time and again, in a movie that repeatedly threatens mawkishness, you can sense them gently steering away just in the nick of time.
Portland Oregonian - 4/10 by Kim Morgan It's classic movie manipulation gone amok.
Miami Herald - 3/10 by Curtis Morgan The enigma of Reeves, sort of a human black hole on screen, works well in "The Matrix" but it drains the life from weepy romance.

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