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To achieve his dream of attending Harvard, a pampered teen poses as a young black man to receive a full scholarship.... (Full plot summary below)

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To achieve his dream of attending Harvard, a pampered teen poses as a young black man to receive a full scholarship.

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The New York Times - 8/10 by Janet MaslinIt has a breezy, unapologetic manner. And it also happens to be funny, which goes a long way toward making up for any underlying obtuseness or insensitivity. - 6/10 by Steve CrumUnreal, politically dumb premise with Howell in blackface .
The Associated Press - 6/10 by Bob ThomasThere are some good moments in SOUL MAN, but Gross steals the picture; he has the best lines and makes the most of them.
Newsweek - 4/10 by David AnsenChong breathes some occasional life into Soul Man, as does Arye Gross, who displays a rich variety of comic attitudes as Mark's roommate. What surrounds them, though, is a black comedy with so little gumption, it ends up a vague shade of gray, composed of a collection of cheap jokes excused by smug platitudes about race -- in short, a movie called Soul Man whose soul, it seems, is quite lost.
Brag Magazine - 4/10 by Clint MorrisHowell is awesome in this unforgettable comedy classic
Washington Post - 4/10 by Rita KempleyOf course, simply everyone is completely bamboozled by our hero's disguise, even though he now looks like a Ken doll with liver disease.
Empire - 4/10 by Liz BeardsworthHowell makes the least convincing black guy ever, his eventual contrition feels hollow and forced — much like the laughs.
Chicago Tribune - 3/10 by Dave KehrHowell, a second-string Rob Lowe, has the title role in this embarrassing variation on "Black Like Me," a half-witted collegiate farce guaranteed to offend just about everybody. Blacks are stereotyped as they haven't been in decades, and whites are portrayed as Boston bigots and selfish preppies. But the really pathetic thing about this tired old knee-jerker is not that it's racist, but that it's racist and doesn't even know it.
Chicago Sun-Times - 3/10 by Roger EbertThis is a genuinely interesting idea, filled with dramatic possibilities, but the movie approaches it on the level of a dim-witted sit-com. Thoughtful scenes are followed by slapstick, emotional moments lead right into farce, and the movie doesn't have an ounce of true moral courage; it sidesteps every single big issue that it raises.

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