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The Playlist - 9/10 by Lena WilsonSave for an overdependence on neon lighting, a general misunderstanding of how entertainment journalism works, and perhaps more alcohol consumption than is responsible for a film sure to be watched by teen girls and young women, Someone Great is a heartfelt and hilarious first feature with ample female talent.
Entertainment Weekly - 8/10 by Leah GreenblattIf shrewd one-liners and small moments ultimately override the episodic narrative, Someone‘s takeaway — that love is a messy-splendored thing, and “happily ever after” is just a story that hasn’t finished yet — feels refreshing modern and true. - 8/10 by Monica CastilloAlthough the characters tend to lean heavily on caricature, Rodriguez, Wise, and Snow seem to have plenty of chemistry with each other.
Consequence of Sound - 7/10 by Caroline SiedeTo make a great romantic comedy, you need a few key components. Stylish direction. Winning lead actors. Likable, lived-in characters. And some kind of unique angle on the well-trod genre at hand. Someone Great offers all of that and more, but it also proves that one of the most important and least appreciated aspects of a successful rom-com is a great script.
Variety - 7/10 by Courtney HowardThis fun, feminist-friendly feature, about a woman devastated by the disintegration of her long-term romance and the two best friends who rally around her for one final night of frivolity, taps into that collective yearning for more. It gifts us with the next big “Girls Night In” event, for which Netflix has cornered the market.
The Hollywood Reporter - 7/10 by Beandrea JulyIt’s very funny and offers up plenty of heartwarming fodder for the sentimental among us.
Time - 7/10 by Stephanie ZacharekAs played by Rodriguez, Wise and Snow, these women embrace one another’s differences and help ease the way through tough times. The city is theirs for the taking, a backdrop for their raunchy jokes, furtive sexual encounters and procurement of various feel-good substances.
The New York Times - 7/10 by Karen HanThe hooks on which Someone Great chooses to hang its emotional hats are a little clichéd, but Rodriguez, Snow and Wise have enough chemistry to pull it all off.
The Atlantic - 6/10 by David SimsSomeone Great is fizzy, frivolous, and probably easily forgotten, but for a weekend-friendly jolt of entertainment, rom-com fans could do far worse.
Vox - 6/10 by Alissa WilkinsonA hopeful break-up film, with three leads who sparkle together.

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