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Movie Reviews

The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Justin LoweEven more inappropriate physical gags, foul-mouthed dialogue and outrageous situations all contribute to raising the stakes, as Waters pushes the cast to amiably outdo the original.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 8/10 by John SemleyWillie may not have a heart of gold. But he’s got a heart of bloody, barely thumping meat, same as the rest of us. And in this bitter season of unceasing, frostbitten darkness, it’s heart enough.
Slant Magazine - 8/10 by Oleg IvanovBoth a potent rendering of and cure for the holiday blues, Bad Santa 2 shows that even the most hopeless situations can be remedied and that just about anyone is capable of redemption
The Playlist - 7/10 by Nick SchagerWaters’ comedy — like its forerunner — comes impressively close to elevating cursing to an art form, especially when wielded by Thornton and Cox, who spit and sneer vulgar invectives at each other like gutter-trash virtuosos.
Entertainment Weekly - 7/10 by Christian HolubAs long as you know what you’re in for, the film is a hilarious good time, a respectable continuation of what made the first "Bad Santa" so fun.
Village Voice - 6/10 by April WolfeGod bless Kathy Bates, because she scalds with the darkest, mindfuckiest burns as the ultimate Mommy Dearest. And this script is in dire need of her.
New York Post - 5/10 by Kyle SmithBad Santa 2 is vulgar, nasty and offensive, but it has flawed aspects also.
The A.V. Club - 5/10 by A.A. DowdThe heist-movie plot, the bawdy gags, the ironic repurposing of old holiday-season chestnuts: They’re all here, hastily stuffed into a new package.
Los Angeles Times - 5/10 by Katie WalshBad Santa 2 relies entirely too much on the salty stuff, offering an opportunity for audiences to titter at the firehose of vile gutter humor that leaves no one unsullied, and delves into some truly dark places.
We Got This Covered - 5/10 by Matt DonatoBad Santa 2 is the same holiday depravity with half the enthusiasm, too drunk on its own despicable tone.

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