Santa Claus: The Movie
Santa Claus: The Movie

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The legend of Santa Claus is put in jeopardy when an unscrupulous toy manufacturer attempts to take over Christmas.... (Full plot summary below)

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The legend of Santa Claus is put in jeopardy when an unscrupulous toy manufacturer attempts to take over Christmas.

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Kansas City Kansan - 6/10 by Steve CrumColorful super spectacle suffers from script, pacing.
Movie Views - 6/10 by Ryan CracknellOne would expect a holiday epic with a title like Santa Claus: The Movie. It implies something definitive, which would therefore put it in the canon of Christmas classics. However, this is definitely not the case.
Common Sense Media - 4/10 by Brian CostelloDated '80s holiday movie has smoking, product placement.
User Review - 10/10 by Richard GMade in 1985.Claus is a toy maker and one Christmas Evge night in a blizzard he and his wife come across elves,The Elves show him his destiny in life that he Must Become Santa Claus and deliver presents to all the children all over the world,One Christmas when Santa has been in the role for centuries his favorite Elf Patch feels unwanted and heads to New York to prove himself to Santa that his a good toy/Gift Maker,an Evil Toy Business Man exploits Patch and plans to take over Christmas.5 stars,you may wonder why i rate it so highly,its simply because i love it,its the first film i ever saw in the cinema as a child and first saw it 2 days before christmas eve,its an important Childhood film for me and i watch it every Christmas time with the kids,its a magical film and i love how we see the origin of Santa Claus in it,an excellent christmas film.
User Review - 10/10 by Ted WA great movie that has been unfairly criticised over the years, a wonderful magical film for all the family to enjoy.
User Review - 10/10 by Andrea SLOVED THIS FILM, STILL WATCH IT EVERY XMAS :)
User Review - 10/10 by jay slets do the super-dooper-loop-deloop cool flick
User Review - 10/10 by Terry BCritics these days seem devoid of any nostalgic value, with ££££££$$$ clouding thier judgement. For one person to say this movie, "didn't make sense." It doesn't take an ounce of brain power to see this is Santa's origin story, explaining how he came to be, how his methods arouse, how he's able to do it all in one night and how change can affect many things. Patch is an idealist manufacturer, whereas puffy is a traditionalist and how society's attitude to christmas and the less fortunate span the decades. It's a bold flick, encompassing old tech that, although obviously dated, still holds up the magic of Christmas today. Why was BZ still alive floating in space? grr so dumb? Nay! The man just overdosed on a magical concoction of candy canes! This takes place in it's own movie universe where magic is real and able to overcome physics. It's a great movie, targeted at children not miserable humbug adults with thier indoctrinated opinions.
User Review - 10/10 by John MThis is the best Santa Claus film I have ever seen. If any film can make you believe in Santa, then this is it.
User Review - 10/10 by David WAs an eight year old child, I recall this movie as a highlight to my Christmas holiday in 1985. Memorable to the point that I purchased it recently on iTunes for my 5 year old. He is in awe every time he watches it.

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