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Following clues to the origin of mankind, a team finds a structure on a distant moon, but they soon realize they are not alone.... (Full plot summary below)

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Following clues to the origin of mankind, a team finds a structure on a distant moon, but they soon realize they are not alone.

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Chicago Sun-Times - 10/10 by Roger Ebert Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" is a magnificent science-fiction film, all the more intriguing because it raises questions about the origin of human life and doesn't have the answers. - 10/10 by David Keyes It is easily the most cerebral endeavor of its kind since "Minority Report."
The Aristocrat - 10/10 by Adam Ross Very few films can create a genuine sense of wonder and discovery, and Prometheus manages it for its entire 124 minute running time ... almost entirely a sensory experience. - 10/10 by Kevin McCarthy "Prometheus" is a cinematic masterpiece with beautifully haunting visuals and an epic score. Instead of spoon-feeding the audience, Scott allows you to think for yourself!
Richard - 10/10 by Richard Roeper Brilliant. Epic. Haunting. Grotesque. Great. - 10/10 by Dustin Putman A thigh-clenchingly frightening science-fiction epic as well as a ruminative, soul-baring existential study that's not afraid to ask the tough questions. - 10/10 by Peter Sobczynski This is the kind of bold filmmaking destined to stand the test of time when memories of most of its competitors have long faded away.
AV Club - 10/10 by Tasha Robinson Though Prometheus follows Alien's story beats, it's a looser and less satisfying story, more intellectual than visceral, and not fully satisfying on either level. But in part, that's because it's trying to do so much more.
SSG Syndicate - 9/10 by Susan Granger Tense and thrilling, it's an awesome 3-D spectacle. - 9/10 by Cole Smithey Hobbled by a script that largely ignores its marginally implied protagonist, "Prometheus" is a cobbled-together sci-fi movie at odds with itself.
Q Network Film Desk - 9/10 by James Kendrick a would-be summer blockbuster of intense ambition and visual grandeur, merging metaphysical speculation with healthy doses of gooey-horrific imagery and high-tension suspense
indieWire - 9/10 by Leonard Maltin While I was completely engrossed in 'Prometheus', I felt a tug-of-war going on between the cerebral and visceral elements, right up to the finale.

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