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Prairie Love

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Three lost souls look for love on the North Dakota tundra.... (Full plot summary below)

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Three lost souls look for love on the North Dakota tundra.

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Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) - 8/10 by John BeifussOne of the more distinctive films on the festival circuit, this is a sort of North Dakota noir so frozen it makes 'Fargo' look like 'Key Largo.'
User Review - 10/10 by Lee MThe epitome of "quirky" - bizarre in the best possible way.
User Review - 4/10 by Richard DA drifter wandering around North Dakota in a eat up station wagon during a harsh winter saves a man from freezing to death. He learns that the man was driving to pick up his pen-pal girlfriend who's being released from prison, so he decides to get rid of him and take his place. I pretty much hated this film. It really is the kind of slow, quirky character study I usually love, but something about the constant repetition of unexplained recurring dialogue and situations completely rubbed me the wrong way. I disliked all the characters and was fundamentally bored and annoyed by the whole experience. Features really beautiful desolate winter photography though.

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