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During the 1960s, two American ex-pat jazz musicians living in Paris meet and fall in-love with two American tourist girls.... (Full plot summary below)

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During the 1960s, two American ex-pat jazz musicians living in Paris meet and fall in-love with two American tourist girls.

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The New Republic - 9/10 by Stanley Kauffmann Four writers have adapted Harold Flender's novel, whose sole asset was the idea they have minimized ...
EmanuelLevy.Com - 9/10 by Emanuel Levy A low key, plotless but charming film that benefits from its appealing cast, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll, on location shooting in Paris, and Oscar-nominated jazz music from Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.
Radio Times - 8/10 by Angie Errigo Ageing like a fine wine - even with its vintage "Ya dig, baby?" lingo - this offbeat affair from one of Newman's drama teachers and favourite directors, Martin Ritt, is also one of the most delightful jazz movies ever made.
Oregonian - 7/10 by Shawn Levy Newman is terrific in the picture, running both hot and cool, but he's upstaged by Woodward, who delivers stunning and surprising emotion in the final scenes. It's really worth seeing.
Variety - 6/10 by Variety Staff Within its snappy, flashy veneer is an undernourished romantic drama of a rather traditional screen school.
User Review - 8/10 by jay n Martin Ritt directs Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier as jazz musician American ex-pats living in Paris. How could a film with that set-up not be great! Newman and Poitier fall for the pretty tourists Joanne Woodward and Diahann Carroll. Take all that and add in an amazing Duke Ellington score and you've got an incredibly cool film.
User Review - 8/10 by Kevin R No one on this Earth is going to be as right for you as I was Ram Bowen and Eddie Cook are American musicians in Paris, France. They love their simple life of playing music and banging chicks. One day they encounter two American girls and they fall in love. The girls want Ram and Eddie to settle down, return to America, and have a family. Can Eddie and Ram change their lifestyle that much for love? "I like to walk, and I like the way you walk, and Paris is a beautiful city to walk in." Martin Ritt, director of Hud, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, Norma Rae, Hombre, Nuts, Stanley & Iris, The Outrage, and No Down Payment, delivers Paris Blues. The storyline for this picture is very interesting. I adored the unpredictable nature of the characters and the ultimate outcome was definitely unique. The acting was awesome and the cast includes Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll, Joanne Woodward, and Louis Armstrong. "You like the life you live it!" I am a huge Paul Newman fan so I decided to DVR this picture off Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I was surprised this film has historically received such poor reviews. This actually reminded me a little of Bar Fly. This is an underrated Paul Newman film as he delivers an amazing performance that is definitely a must see. I strongly recommend seeing this picture. "Call the game on account of complications." Grade: B+/A- (8.5)
User Review - 8/10 by Ellen F Sexy! Take a trip to Paris with Paul Newman, Sydney Poitier and their ladies - the music, the streets, the liberal attitudes!
User Review - 6/10 by Nique T The young beautiful Connie (Diahann Carroll) and her friend Lilllian (Joanne Woodward) meet up with jazz/blues musicians Eddie (Sidney Poitier) and Ram Bowen (Paul Newman) while on vacation in 1950s Paris. Both couples embark on quite different relationships but each with its own set of problems. Eddie and Connie take a more leisurely path and get to know each other as they walk around Paris. Eddie finds himself falling for the socially conscious Connie but does not want to leave the freedom of Paris to return to racism in the US in order to be with her. Connie on the other hand tells him that Paris is a place he "escapes to but home is where your roots are." In contrast Lillian and Ram fall into bed the first night. Ram warns her that he is not what she is looking for but she attempts to push past his walls anyway. Seemingly unfazed by his initial rudeness she pursues him and indicates that she is prepared to put up with his BS in order to be with him. Ram lives only for his music and dreams of becoming a serious composer. His detached sometime lover, Marie, owner of the nightclub where his band plays sums him up well in two statements (probably not verbatim but something to this effect). "Do you need me today because you're wonderful or because you're worthless" and "All you need is me or someone like me and your music" However, with Lillian Ram departs from his usual behaviour and actually spends time showing her Paris. It was a bit strange watching a classic black and white film after recent exposure to so many modern action flicks. The pacing felt kind of slow at first and the score was not always a perfect match to the action of the film but after awhile I adjusted and was able to follow the plot.
User Review - 6/10 by Greg E Jazz music,Paris,Paul Newman,Sidney Poitier,Louis Armstrong,what else can I say?
User Review - 6/10 by jeffrey r An interesting cinematic mis-step, the movie is of note for getting these three great actors in one movie -- and for capturing images of a Paris at a transitionary time in its post war history.
User Review - 6/10 by Andre T Filmed on location in Paris, starring Sidney Poitier as expatriate jazz musician Eddie Cook, and Paul Newman as trombone-playing Ram Bowen. The two men romance two vacationing American tourists, Connie Lampson (Diahann Carroll) and Lillian Corning (Joanne Woodward) respectively. The film also features trumpeter Louis Armstrong as Wild Man Moore and jazz pianist Aaron Bridgers; both play musicians within the film. It was produced by Sam Shaw, directed by Martin Ritt from a screenplay by Walter Bernstein, and with the fantastic black & white cinematography by Christian Matras. A little silly in the screenplay, but climatic and cool as Jazz.

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