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An improvised comedy based around a school nativity play.... (Full plot summary below)

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An improvised comedy based around a school nativity play.

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Movie Metropolis - 8/10 by James PlathA warm, funny and irreverent Christmas movie that ought to become a holiday classic alongside films like 'Elf' and 'A Christmas Story.'
News of the World - 6/10 by Robbie CollinNativity! is sweet and it gets what makes children laugh. Plus there are some fantastic performances from the kids.
Daily Mirror (UK) - 6/10 by David EdwardsFor a Christmas movie it's like waking up on Boxing Day and finding a toffee finger in your Quality Street tin.
Daily Mail (UK) - 6/10 by Christopher TookeySo deliriously corny that I can imagine it becoming the unlikeliest hit of the year.
Radio Times - 6/10 by Trevor JohnstonThe grown-ups are pretty much overshadowed by the youthful cast of the nativity play itself, who are so natural on camera that you can't help but smile.
Digital Spy - 6/10 by Simon ReynoldsNativity! is a light and painless watch that overcomes its flaws with some strong central performances and a genuine warmth that lifts it above the cynicism of many other festive cash-grabbers.
Daily Telegraph (UK) - 6/10 by Tim RobeyFor all that's wrong with Nativity!, there's something apt and endearing about how this sketchy, second‑rate production pulls its socks up for the climax.
Sunday Times (UK) - 6/10 by Edward PorterA plucky, well-meant enterprise reliant on its audience's festive goodwill.
Heat Magazine - 6/10 by Charles GantSweet, funny, bags of charm: Outnumbered meets Britain's Got Talent, with added Christmas.
Empire Magazine - 6/10 by Angie ErrigoFunny, sweet and family-friendly seasonal fare.

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