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The Film Stage - 8/10 by Jonah JengThough the film misses the opportunity to flesh out its alternative vision through character depth and narrative idiosyncrasy, its innovation through violence is a sight worth seeing.
The A.V. Club - 8/10 by Katie RifeFrom its opening title card proclaiming “This film should be played loud,” the telekinetic body-horror film The Mind’s Eye is punk as f--k.
The Hollywood Reporter - 7/10 by John DeForeThe shtick sticks in The Mind's Eye, which lovingly apes period details, this time with psychokinetic warriors instead of alien invaders. But where the first film was dour, this one works so hard at its ultra-grave air of menace that it eventually turns (intentionally, one hopes) comic, building to third-act violence that will leave the right kind of audience howling with delight.
Village Voice - 7/10 by Luke Y. ThompsonThe Mind's Eye ought to hit the sweet spot for fans of early David Cronenberg, the more violent X-Men comics, and the kinds of indie horror movies Larry Fessenden always cameos in, as he does again here.
Hitfix - 7/10 by Drew McWeenyThe Mind's Eye is straight-up sincere, earnestly played and honestly intentioned. This is exploitation fare without any wink attached. These guys aren't trying to elevate the genre… they just want to make a psychic wars horror film and blow up some heads.
Variety - 5/10 by Scott TobiasThe film has the visceral kick of brainiacs willing each other into bloody oblivion, but struggles to justify its own stock mayhem, much less plumb Cronenbergian depths.
Los Angeles Times - 4/10 by Noel MurrayBegos gets the texture and atmosphere right, but there’s nothing beneath his cool ’80s fog.
RogerEbert.com - 3/10 by Simon AbramsThe kind of childish genre movie that gives genre movies a bad reputation.

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