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Krippendorf's Tribe

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An anthropologist creates a fictitious lost New Guinea tribe using his family members to cover-up for his mis-use of grant moneys.... (Full plot summary below)

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An anthropologist creates a fictitious lost New Guinea tribe using his family members to cover-up for his mis-use of grant moneys.

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Movie Reviews

Dispatch-Tribune Newspapers - 6/10 by Steve Crum Pretty lame comedy stuff with Dreyfuss leading family misadventures. Sophomoric.
Kansas City Star - 3/10 by Shawn Bowers Look at Richard Dreyfuss on the poster, weep for him, and then rent something else.
User Review - 10/10 by mike h classic dreyfuss, elfmans not too shabby either, how can you not like a crazy kooky film like this, unless your dead inside and don't have a soul i can see why. hes a master, i wish he did a lot more films, hes a comic genius, love his movies, hes great to watch.
User Review - 10/10 by Walter B Too hilarious! My favorite comedy- and I love Dreyfuss- I actually got to see him speak live at the UT ballroom concerning American education last semester! Looked pretty good! :)
User Review - 10/10 by Leisa R I haven't seen this in a while - so the storyline is kindof fady. I remember it is a funny movie - good for the family. It is about an imaginary tribe and the love a family shares.
User Review - 10/10 by Deanna K I just watched this on tv and laughed my ass off.
User Review - 8/10 by Eric On His Fantasy Quest V As what the movie poster says, "Krippendorf's Tribe" is wildly hilarious. And when I say wildly hilarious, it's hilarious in a tribal way, practiced by indigenous tribes and unknown to the outside world. Professor Krippendorf is paid by the university to find a lost New Guinea tribe. He failed, so in order to keep his job, Krippendorf invents his fake Shelmikedmu tribe- named for his kids Shelly, Mike, and Edmund as it sounds perfect for the lost tribe- and captures them (the professor and his children) on film at home as proof his discovery. Some parts of this movie made me laugh, especially the Shelmikedmu customs practiced. That was a great comedy movie!
User Review - 8/10 by stef z Ive seen this movie years ago and its an absolute crack-up.... A guy makes up a tribe which everyone wants to know more about ... but the things they come up wit (his kids) is soo funny!!!
User Review - 6/10 by James H I am certainly in the minority on this one. Granted, it tended to be silly comedy, but I never lost interest and found some scenes laugh out loud funny. Richard Dreyfuss is great, as is most of the cast. Only Jenna Elfman's performance doesn't work.
User Review - 6/10 by THAVAchelvan k Something different and a little odd. Nevertheless, a good comedy film.
User Review - 4/10 by BellaRay ? I think bad press attributed to this film's failure. I remember seeing it, but don't remember the details. I don't really have a desire to see it again.
User Review - 4/10 by xGary X Quite how we're expected to swallow the idea that a collection of eminent anthropologists would be fooled by Richard Dreyfuss' wife and kids running around a middle american suburb in grass skirts is beyond me, but he's his usual likeable self in an inconsequential but inoffensive family comedy.

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