Kissing My Sister
Kissing My Sister

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Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer.... (Full plot summary below)

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Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer.

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Movie Reviews

New York Post - 10/10 by Lou LumenickDelightfully unpredictable, hilarious comedy with wonderful performances that tug at your heart in ways that utterly transcend gender labels.
Time - 9/10 by Richard SchickelFor an American film it is a groundbreaker in exploring the realm of sexual fluidity, and it does so with wit, wisdom and in a completely entertaining fashion.
Washington Post - 9/10 by Stephen HunterDelivers that rare combination of winning traits. It's a low-key comedy with a risque hook -- a seemingly straight woman dabbles in lesbianism -- yet it maintains an old-fashioned faith in literate dialogue, believable behavior and themes that reach beyond the plot points.
ReelViews - 9/10 by James BerardinelliThe screenplay is written with a thinking audience in mind, the dialogue sparkles, the characters leap off the screen in full three-dimensionality, and the cliches are kept to a bare minimum.
New York Daily News - 9/10 by Jami BernardWestfeldt and Juergensen are smart, sexy knockouts, finding just the right mix of fun and tenderness in their writing and performances.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger EbertRight now, she's like the grade-school girl at the spin-the-bottle party who changes the rules when the bottle points at her.
San Francisco Chronicle - 8/10 by Carla MeyerCharming and witty, it's also somewhat clumsy.
Miami Herald - 8/10 by Connie OgleNot about sex; it's about leaps of faith, at work, in love, in life.
Boston Globe - 8/10 by Loren KingSmall, sharply written, incisive comedy examines, with smarts and style and sexiness, the very nature of modern romance - gay, straight, and in between.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 8/10 by Rick GroenMen may be gay by nature, but women are lesbians by choice -- for them, it's a simple matter of trading up. Such is the implied message of Kissing Jessica Stein.

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Kissing My Sister