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Movie Reviews

New York Post - 8/10 by V.A. MusettoIsn't always easy to watch, but Bojanov's film is so compelling you just can't turn away.
The A.V. Club - 7/10 by Noel MurrayInvisible is undeniably compelling, as Bojanov visits and revisits these people over a period of years.
Village Voice - 6/10 by R. Emmet SweeneyIt disposes with social concerns and lets the individuals speak for themselves--and the regrets, rationalizations, and jerry-rigged morality they express are often fascinating.
TV Guide Magazine - 6/10 by Maitland McDonaghBojanov's sad subjects could as easily be in Detroit or Glasgow or Marseilles. What keeps his film from being a relentless wallow in wasted lives is its surprising conclusion.
The New York Times - 5/10 by Jeannette CatsoulisThough each character is living a distinctly personal tragedy, the filmmaker's antipathy to context or coherence effectively bars us from all but the most fleeting emotional involvement.
User Review - 4/10 by Tom RNormally, I would like a documentary about Bulgarian street junkies but this really failed to engage me.

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