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Schizophrenic housewife, engulfed by terrorizing apparitions, kills off each, unknowing if these demons are merely figments of her hallucinatory imagination or part of reality.... (Full plot summary below)

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Schizophrenic housewife, engulfed by terrorizing apparitions, kills off each, unknowing if these demons are merely figments of her hallucinatory imagination or part of reality.

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Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 9/10 by Dennis SchwartzA challenging film, heavy on symbolism and motifs. - 9/10 by David KeyesAn experiment that embodied the bold risk of an emerging method of cinema, where a garden of new filmmakers was being driven by themes more than characters or story.
Time Out - 9/10 by Time Out Staff[Altman] controls things beautifully, proffering credible biographical reasons for her inner disturbances, and borrowing shock effects from the thriller genre to underline the terrifying nature of her predicament.
TV Guide - 8/10 by Michael ScheinfeldStylistically controlled and tightly structured, Altman restrains his usual improvisatory technique and open-ended shooting style to produce a riveting intellectual puzzler as well as a penetrating character study of a woman who's slowly losing her grip.
Combustible Celluloid - 8/10 by Jeffrey M. AndersonToday it can be seen as one of Altman's most fascinating -- and terrifying -- films.
Chicago Sun-Times - 8/10 by Roger EbertIt is, first of all, an intelligently constructed and spectacularly well-photographed film. We admire its gifts even though they tend not to involve us. - 8/10 by Tony MacklinIt is a rare film that can entice me to surrender my logic, but Images does just that. [It] is a film in which Altman doesn't worry about defenses. He boldly creates a spiritual vision and lets logic and caution fall by the wayside of wondrous beauty.
User Review - 10/10 by C. HNever has the term "lost masterpiece" ever been more applicable. Altman's surreal thriller was thought to be lost in a fire but a print was amazingly discover. The film is structured as a puzzle, with the film presented through the fractured mind of Cathryn (Susannah York). The film plays with the viewers mind as reality and delusion blend together into an hallucinatory blur that is challenging, yet incredibly fun, to decipher. Indeed, the tale has a twist in the end that is truly unexpected and gives chills down the viewer's spine. It is also important to mention the lush and dreamlike atmosphere the film creates, with some of the best landscapes shots put on celluloid (it's visual design is very reminiscent of Nicholas Roeg's "Don't Look Now"). If you are in the mood for a challenging film, do yourself a favor and see this!
User Review - 10/10 by roger tgreat music from williams/yamashta and beautifully and creepily shot by zsigmond. york is very compelling in the lead role and her performance really makes this film work. strongly recommended.
User Review - 10/10 by Steve SConsidering that Robert Altman was so universally loved and revered as a master-class film maker, you'd think that this movie would be recognized as the masterpiece it is. Images has, for some reason, fallen to the wayside as a minor entry in his canon - a completely undeserved status. As a matter of fact, it is essentially a flawless film, synergizing a complex and robust atmosphere with a rich, imaginative, macabre story. Not since There Will Be Blood have I seen a movie with such a controlled, potent sense of self. No choice here is made in vain. Susannah York nails this shit with a performance that is energetic and serious but never over the top; John Williams composes one of the most exciting scores I've heard in ages; Vilmos Zsigmond's cinematography is cavernous and oppressive and lush in a dreamlike way. The children's book narrative, written by York herself, is a bizarre but suitable frame for the film. And of course, Altman's contributions are not to be ignored. A director known for his sprawling ensemble casts helmed this six-man chamber horror perfectly, with assurance and confidence in his audience. My praise might seem a little superfluous, but this film is gravely underseen and I feel it deserves much more attention than it has received. Throw this one on your Netflix queue posthaste.

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