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Bottoms Up

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A Midwestern bartender ingratiates himself into the Hollywood system, finding love along the way.... (Full plot summary below)

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A Midwestern bartender ingratiates himself into the Hollywood system, finding love along the way.

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The A.V. Club - 10/10 by Scott TobiasNo one writes for ensembles better than Apatow, and his players are all skilled at giving his work a loose, improvisational feel.
Newsweek - 10/10 by David AnsenJudd Apatow is making the freshest, most honest mainstream comedies in Hollywood.
The New York Times - 10/10 by A.O. ScottAn instant classic, a comedy that captures the sexual confusion and moral ambivalence of our moment without straining, pandering or preaching.
Entertainment Weekly - 10/10 by Lisa SchwarzbaumThe very opposite of a storybook romance, and also the very model of a great comedy for our values-driven time.
Village Voice - 10/10 by Robert WilonskyUltimately, what makes Knocked Up a terrific film--one of the year's best, easily--is its relaxed, shaggy vibe; if it feels improvised in places, that's because Apatow trusts his actors enough to let them make it up as they go, like the people they're playing.
New York Post - 10/10 by Kyle SmithRidiculous comedies can be fine, but the ones that matter creep up close to the truth. This one lives in it.
Variety - 10/10 by Joe LeydonUproarious. Line for line, minute to minute, writer-director Judd Apatow's latest effort is more explosively funny, more frequently, than nearly any other major studio release in recent memory.
Wall Street Journal - 9/10 by Joe MorgensternJudd Apatow's high-density, high-intensity comedy of bad (and good) manners is a cause for celebration -- the laugh lines are smart, and they come faster than you can process them.
The Hollywood Reporter - 9/10 by John DeForeApatow's gleefully raunchy movies are, in an odd and charming way, extremely family-friendly.
Washington Post - 9/10 by Ann HornadayTurns out to be not just rude, crude and outrageously funny but a deceptively sophisticated meditation on moral agency -- with pot jokes!

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