A Date for Mad Mary
A Date for Mad Mary

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A woman newly released from prison seeks a date to bring to her best friend's wedding.... (Full plot summary below)

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A woman newly released from prison seeks a date to bring to her best friend's wedding.

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Sunday Independent (Ireland) - 10/10 by Aine O'ConnorDarren and Colin Thornton have done a really nice job adapting Yasmine Akram's play 10 Dates for Mad Mary, giving it a strong sense of place and time, and creating full, rich, rounded and almost exclusively female characters.
VODzilla.co - 9/10 by Matthew TurnerPut simply, this is a delight from start to finish, generating big laughs and powerful emotion, while marking out both director and leading lady as serious talents to watch.
Variety - 9/10 by Jessica KiangMad Mary is a delight, especially for its rounded supporting characters, its skewering use of language, and the pinpoint accuracy of its observations of life in this specific time and place.
New Zealand Herald - 8/10 by Toby WoollastonAlthough A Date for Mad Mary doesn't break any new ground, it exhibits a confidently assured (if slightly thorny) approach to its subject matter and despite hitting many familiar beats, its rhythm is impeccably in-time.
Hammer to Nail - 8/10 by Jessica BaxterIrish writer/director Darren Thornton's feature, A Date for Mad Mary, is an outstanding debut.
Seventh Row - 8/10 by Alex HeeneyMary's coming out is about not just coming to terms with her sexuality, but also with who she is and who she wants around her.
Seattle Times - 8/10 by Michael UpchurchIrish director Darren Thornton, with dynamo Seána Kerslake as Mary, delivers a canny blend of biting comedy and soulful drama
Irish Times - 8/10 by Donald ClarkeThere are a few 19th century Scandinavian playwrights who might envy Thornton and Akram their gifts for moulding personae.
Flick Filosopher - 8/10 by MaryAnn JohansonSeána Kerslake... infuses warmth and intelligence to Mary's reflexive lashing out and a sneaky poise to a proudly ungraceful character. A terrific dramedy.
Sunday Times (UK) - 6/10 by Katy HayesBased on a stage play by Yasmine Akram, debut feature director Darren Thornton does a terrific job with the performances.

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