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This movie is about Jackie Robinson and his journey to becoming a Brooklyn Dodger and his life during that time.... (Full plot summary below)

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This movie is about Jackie Robinson and his journey to becoming a Brooklyn Dodger and his life during that time.

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New England Movies Weekly - 10/10 by Daniel M. Kimmel 42 instantly enters the pantheon of great baseball movies, but it's much more than that.
AALBC.com - 10/10 by Kam Williams An emotionally-draining biopic featuring Oscar-quality performances from Harrison Ford and Chad Boseman in what is easily Hollywood's best offering of the year thus far.
New York Daily News - 10/10 by Joe Neumaier It's a sports film nonsports fans can love; it's a family film that never preaches; it's a biopic that also takes in the world and people around its subject.
Tolucan Times - 10/10 by Tony Medley Award-quality work by Boseman, Ford, and Helgeland highlight this fascinating, moving film of an American hero, an accurate biopic for fans and non-fans alike.
Maclean's Magazine - 10/10 by Brian D. Johnson A hero without imperfections can be problematic. But Jackie's nobility is more than well-earned, and tarnishing it for the sake of balance would be churlish. Besides, there's enough evil at loose among the white characters.
amNewYork - 9/10 by Robert Levin The movie is sentimental, and it has a right to be, but the actors take great pains to portray their characters as men and women in full.
CraveOnline - 9/10 by William Bibbiani When 42 gets it right, the movie achieves at least momentary greatness.
New York Magazine/Vulture - 9/10 by Bilge Ebiri As Robinson, Boseman has both physical grace and sly charm.
Beliefnet - 9/10 by Nell Minow Packs a lot of power, thanks to an evocative sense of its period and star-making performances by Chadwick Boseman as Robinson and Nichole Beharie as his wife.
Boston Herald - 9/10 by James Verniere Can a superhero wear a baseball uniform instead of a cape?
Dallas Morning News - 9/10 by Chris Vognar 42 escapes the trappings of sheer hero worship largely thanks to Boseman, whose relative anonymity eliminates any potential star baggage. More than that, he strikes a tough balance.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - 9/10 by Duane Dudek Rarely have the words "inspired by a true story" been so true as in "42," because inspirational it is.

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