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Variety - 10/10 by Guy LodgeAs with Reichardt’s more streamlined miniatures, regional detail accounts for much of the film’s lingering resonance, as her characters are molded by (and, in some cases, rail against) the landscape they inhabit.
Los Angeles Times - 10/10 by Justin ChangReichardt has never been one to reduce her characters to an easy emotional or dramatic equation, and here the everyday challenge of being female in a male-dominated profession is just one element on an extraordinarily fine-grained human canvas.
Village Voice - 10/10 by April WolfeCertain Women is a kind, loving, and deeply moving portrait of bighearted small-town people.
Wall Street Journal - 10/10 by John AndersonThe characters are really minimalist masterpieces, sculpted, polished and uncompromisingly female.
Washington Post - 10/10 by Ann HornadayYou know a filmmaker is in supreme command of her medium when what she creates feels less like a movie than a candid glimpse of ongoing lives that will continue to play out long after the lights have come on.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 10/10 by Kate TaylorStewart does an intriguing job creating a paradoxical character who explains herself without giving of herself, her very persona exposing the false promise of personal exposition.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10 by Tirdad DerakhshaniSet against the backdrop of Montana's stunning wilderness, Certain Women portrays women at work and women in desire with the quiet confidence, simplicity, and directness of a true artist.
Screen International - 9/10 by Anthony KaufmanReichardt has crafted another deeply felt and beautifully ambiguous meditation on contemporary life in the far corners of the American heartland.
The Playlist - 9/10 by Noel MurrayThough Certain Women is difficult, it’s hardly obtuse. And for those willing to trust that Reichardt is in full command of this material, “Certain Women” is utterly enthralling.
Boston Globe - 9/10 by Ty BurrIs Kelly Reichardt the most under-acknowledged great director working in America right now? Her new movie, Certain Women, is one of the glories of this or any other year, but it stays true to Reichardt form, which is to say it’s low-key, allusive, lit up with implied meanings without ever leading us by the hand.

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