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Veronica Guerin

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An Irish journalist writes a series of stories about drug dealers.... (Full plot summary below)

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An Irish journalist writes a series of stories about drug dealers.

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Movie Reviews

Jam! Movies - 9/10 by Liz Braun An entirely watchable drama despite a clumsy opening and closing.
Three Movie Buffs - 9/10 by Scott Nash The remarkable story of a remarkable woman.
Entertainment Weekly - 9/10 by Lisa Schwarzbaum Her death was shocking; this well-made telling of her life is inspiring.
Observer (UK) - 9/10 by Philip French Cate Blanchett is a vital presence as Veronica and should have romantic teenagers lining up to get into journalism school.
Washington Post - 9/10 by Desson Thomson The characterization seems a little too pat and jaunty.
Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) - 9/10 by Jeffrey Westhoff Either the movie isn't worthy of the real Veronica Guerin, or the real Veronica Guerin wasn't worthy of a movie.
Kalamazoo Gazette - 9/10 by James Sanford Blanchett clearly believes in Guerin's desire to make a positive change, but she... realizes that the good Guerin did took a heavy toll on everyone around her. - 9/10 by Eric D. Snider Why would you make a biopic about someone that showed only her actions, without attempting to show us what drove her to them?
New York Magazine/Vulture - 9/10 by Peter Rainer While I was watching Veronica Guerin, starring Cate Blanchett, I kept imagining the movie it might have been before director Joel Schumacher and producer Jerry Bruckheimer got their hands on it.
Film Journal International - 9/10 by Doris Toumarkine It's a fine ride, provided you don't get too angry with Guerin for her cowgirl approach to the gig.
State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL) - 8/10 by Nick Rogers It needs to be more than a surface show of what we know. Drugs are bad, but so is giving up a family and a life without a reason that's, well, galvanizing.
Boulder Weekly - 8/10 by Thomas Delapa What you will take away from this movie is another fine performance by Blanchett.

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