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Unicorn Blood

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Two teddy-bears go hunting unicorns, their favorite prey.... (Full plot summary below)

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Two teddy-bears go hunting unicorns, their favorite prey.

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Village Voice - 9/10 by Alan ScherstuhlThe performances are strong, the imaginary visions are suggestive and fleeting, and the film as a whole is swoony, tender, skittish, a little scary — in short, this is what young love feels like. More Meyerhoff, please!
The Playlist - 8/10 by Katie WalshIt rings true and resonates as real even in its fantasies, because it is rooted in a place of authenticity, in subjectivity, in emotion, and in storytelling. And that is what makes a film like this work so well.
Variety - 8/10 by Joe LeydonA sensitively observed and arrestingly impressionistic drama that feels at once deeply personal and easily accessible.
The New York Times - 8/10 by Jeannette CatsoulisStretched to 80 minutes, the story (by the director Leah Meyerhoff) almost breaks; that it holds together without compromising its simplicity or emotional authenticity only proves that, contrary to the maxim, you don’t need a gun if you’ve got the right girl.
RogerEbert.com - 8/10 by Brian TallericoIf it falls victim to a bit too many college film student clichés, it’s easy to forgive Meyerhoff due to the great performance she draws from her talented young star and what this film means for her bright future.
Los Angeles Times - 7/10 by Martin TsaiIn spite of its fanciful tendencies, the film nails the growing pains that result from love and loss.
The Dissolve - 7/10 by Noel MurrayWhile far from perfect, I Believe In Unicorns is unusually attuned to how it feels for a teenager to have her first intense, quasi-mature relationship, and how it feels for her to use that love affair as an escape from some serious problems at home.
The A.V. Club - 7/10 by Katie RifeIt’s a testament to Meyerhoff’s talent as a director that she manages to give the standard coming-of-age material emotional resonance, especially amid classic teen-girl journal imagery like balloons, sparklers, homemade wings, and, of course, unicorns.
New York Daily News - 2/10 by Katharine PushkarIt’s easy to roll your eyes at this slapdash film-school reject — though director Leah Meyerhoff can be forgiven a bit. She’s still in film school.

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