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A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession.... (Full plot summary below)

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A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic and possession.

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Hitfix - 10/10 by Drew McWeenyEggers manages to create a sense of mood and dread that is so suffocating at times that it feels like we're watching something genuinely transgressive, something we should not be seeing.
The Playlist - 10/10 by Rodrigo PerezA deeply impressive first film by director Robert Eggers, “The Witch” is immaculately constructed, evinces an exquisitely ominous tone, and is unequivocally haunting. It’s exacting look at the dissonance of human nature is terrifying.
Time Out - 10/10 by David EhrlichRobert Eggers' uncompromising directorial debut is a bracingly new experience that boils with the primordial fever of America's original sins.
Chicago Tribune - 10/10 by Michael PhillipsWriter-director Robert Eggers' "New England folk tale" film isn't likely to go bonkers in the popular culture the way "Blair Witch" did. But it's an infinitely richer, more meticulous, more elegant and more unnerving horror film — the best since "The Babadook," and very likely a 21st century classic in its hardy yet malleable genre.
Wall Street Journal - 10/10 by Joe MorgensternIf the story’s psychodynamics are familiar, Mr. Eggers makes them seem newly discovered. The intensity of his writing and direction, as well as the eerie austerity of Jarin Blaschke’s cinematography, Craig Lathrop’s production design and Mark Korven’s music, all conspire to create a film of exceptional originality.
New York Post - 10/10 by Sara StewartIt’s a creepy little gem, and its imagery will stay with you long after you’ve left the theater.
Tampa Bay Times - 9/10 by Steve PersallEggers' chilling debut is a small masterpiece of atmosphere.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10 by Molly EichelThe Witch is a stressful movie to watch, and that's meant as the highest praise.
Indiewire - 9/10 by Eric KohnThe Witch becomes a focused portrait of fixed rituals crumbling in the face of inexplicable forces, evoking the fear of change lurking in the shadows at every moment. Despite the setting, its scares are uniquely contemporary. - 9/10 by Simon AbramsThe Witch, a feminist narrative that focuses on an American colonial family as they undergo what seems to be an otherworldly curse, is more like a sermon.

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