The Mark of Zorro
The Mark of Zorro

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A young aristocrat must masquerade as a fop in order to maintain his secret identity of Zorro as he restores justice to early California.... (Full plot summary below)

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A young aristocrat must masquerade as a fop in order to maintain his secret identity of Zorro as he restores justice to early California.

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Creative Loafing - 9/10 by Matt BrunsonTyrone Power is excellent as both fop and fox, and his swordfight with Basil Rathbone is just one of the many highlights in this exciting adventure yarn.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews - 8/10 by Dennis SchwartzIt's one of the all-time great swashbucklers. - 8/10 by Scott WeinbergIf you really dig the newer Zorro exploits, there's very little reason to think you wouldn't enjoy a nostalgic trip back to the guy's earlier screen adventures. - 7/10 by Christopher NullMaybe the cutest Zorro to come along until The Gay Blade.
User Review - 10/10 by Matt MPower brilliant and dashing as the swashbuckling hero of California.Basil Rathbone menacing and dangerous as ever. The duel between them at the end is the BEST sword fight ever captured on film!
User Review - 10/10 by Aidan HTyrone Power with his Cheshire Cat grin and affected fey ways is amazingly good in this classic swashbuckler. Linda Darnell is sweet and gorgeous, if a little wooden, but still, it was the olden days. Really an example of how good films used to be. The Mask of Zorro? Pah! THAT was a piece of crap. Like Superman Returns, it felt like how all the men have been replaced with little kids. Anyway, this film has the great plot, the great actors and the FAR better sword fights.
User Review - 10/10 by John KThis movie is so has balls on it's balls...this is the stupidest review in comparison to the quality of the film.
User Review - 10/10 by Samuel TThe greatest Zorro movie ever...the best swordfighting scene of the best movies ever
User Review - 10/10 by Charlie SOne of my all time favorite movies... Swashbuckling, humor, excitement, drama. Why move to California and raise fat children!
User Review - 10/10 by Pete HSee it squarely for one of the finest swordfights ever commited to film between Tyrone Power and Basil Rathbone. The film's not too shabby either.

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