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An invisible malevolent entity impatiently waits for a family to haunt in this expertly wound and spooky jack-in-the-box of a horror short.... (Full plot summary below)

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An invisible malevolent entity impatiently waits for a family to haunt in this expertly wound and spooky jack-in-the-box of a horror short.

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The Hollywood Reporter - 2/10 by Frank ScheckDirector Conor Allyn’s idea of enhancing a fight scene is employing such stale devices as freeze frames and split screens.
Los Angeles Times - 2/10 by Katie WalshEnjoy a marathon of Bravo’s real estate reality shows for more nuanced characters and compelling story lines instead.
User Review - 9/10 by Flickman123I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this movie. OK, I'll admit it. I'm in real estate myself and when I came across a title that had direct industry implications, I was both excited but skeptical. So I watched out of principal, just to see how a yarn could be spun around what is essentially a by the book business. Much to my delight, "Pocket Listing" turned out to be a hilarious, engaging, incisive, and supremely well-acted comedy/drama thriller with just about everything that a viewer, let alone a broker, could ask for from a movie about crooked realtor affairs. First off, the story is full of fun twists and turns, the performances from the leading man (very easy on the eyes I must say) and the leading lady (absoloutely drop dead) are terrific, the supporting turns from Lowe and Reynolds are spot on, the Malibu villa itself is to die for, and everything about this film is just engrossing and engaging. Now as a realtor, I must confess that things don't exactly work the way they do in this film -- imagine this as real estate on pumped up glamour steroids -- but watching things get out of hand is part of the fun.
User Review - 9/10 by loganharold"It's not real friends... it's real estate." Hell of a quote encapsulating the cutthroat business of real estate and the murky waters of L.A. movers and shakers featured in this superb dark comedy. Great performances from a fresh faced cast, including the super charismatic Jurdi and the gorgeous bombshell Clark.
User Review - 8/10 by moviefollower12Thoroughly entertaining and zingy expose on L.A. real estate at its most cutthroat, this enjoyable little genre cocktail will undoubtedly remind most of a grander, more cinematic version of the popular "Million Dollar Listing" TV show. What's interesting is the film's approach not just to its all too relevant subject matter but also to its film noirish tone. Rather than go for the usual hard-boiled approach, the film is very satirical, sardonic, and only occasionally resorts to heavier shades. Another surprise is that although both Lowe and Reynolds are perfectly engaging in their supporting roles (wish Reynolds had more time, but it's just good time see him never the less), ingenues Jurdi and Clark are really the ones to watch for here. Fourth-wall breaking Jurdi proves both charismatic and capable as the disgraced central broker in over his head and on his way to salvation (both spiritual and professional), and Clark is overwhelmingly sultry and saucy, a truly old school femme fetale. The plot takes a bit to get going and is a tad slow to set up. Felt like we could have gotten to the Malibu villa faster, but once we're there, "Pocket Listing" becomes a wildly fun ride.
User Review - 8/10 by cinemovies1I am an L.A. real estate broker so when I saw a movie called "Pocket Listing" about an L.A. real estate broker, I was wonderfully surprised and delighted that, at long last, somebody had made a movie about my life! Well, that's an overstatement, because this film is actually much more interesting and exciting than anything I've come across. Sure, I've witnessed a few crooked deals here and there, but nothing quite as outrageously fun and twisty as what we have here. This is one of those films where the characters are played by exceedingly good looking people, so it becomes easier to stomach their amorality. Fortunately, the talented James Jurdi's main broker character becomes somewhat of a hero by the end, so we can forgive him his earlier tresspasses and enjoy him as an engaging, attractive, sarcastic protagonist. Other beautiful people doing bad things here include the ageless Rob Lowe and the mind-blowingly gorgeous Jessica Clark, who is almost am ethnic, new age Sharon Stone in this role. Overall, "Pocket Listing" is an amusing, occasionally over the top, but always entertaining film about the kind of deals and characters that we love to go to the movies to see.
User Review - 8/10 by ivy1A Guy Ritchie style, highly entertaining flick involving realtors, gangsters of all kinds, a hot babe, a badass Rob Lowe, and a Malibu villa.
User Review - 8/10 by chrisrank88Somewhat reminded me of the classic satire "The Player" but transplanted into the L.A. real estate scene. Engaging performances and some fun surprise twists keep the viewer glued.
User Review - 8/10 by cineliveVery commendable in large part to the lead actors, who take what could have been a flashy and superficial film and turn it into something a little deeper and more substantial. Big kudos to Jurdi for carrying the film and being a morally ambiguous anit-hero who we can't help but root for and hope he finds his path to redemption. Also watch for Kwesey Boakye, a talented young new comer whose rapport with Jurdi is easily the most emotionally satisfying in the entire film. Fahey also does a fine job as a crude villain and Clark is well... she's not just gorgeous but also a magnetic performer. Lowe and Reynolds have smaller roles, but these ingénues didn't need much help. They make this film worth it from the get go.
User Review - 8/10 by truefilm101This was a light and fun film, almost like a throwback to the '90's crime comedies which I haven't seen much of recently. I was surprised that the young, up and coming actors James Jurdi, Logan Fahey and Jessica Clark completely stole the show from long time vets Rob Lowe and Burt Reynolds (who is only in it for a short while). The young actors really made this worth watching, and I enjoyed the crime genre set in the flashy L.A. real estate backdrop.

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