The Empire in Africa
The Empire in Africa

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The story of the war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.... (Full plot summary below)

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The story of the war the international community waged against civil war stricken Sierra Leone.

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Movie Reviews - 10/10 by Kam WilliamsHighly recommended as a sobering companion piece to Hollywood's relatively-sanitized version of the same subject-matter in Blood Diamond.
Capital Times (Madison, WI) - 8/10 by Rob ThomasThere are images in "The Empire in Africa" that I wish I'd never seen, but it's worth enduring them to hear a side of the story that the media and Hollywood overlooked.
Village Voice - 6/10 by Ella TaylorCannily timed by lefty distributor Cinema Libre Studio to coincide with the release of Edward Zwick's Blood Diamond, Philippe Diaz's documentary claims to present Sierra Leone's civil war in a radically different light. More accurately, it shifts the emphasis and fills out the picture.
Variety - 6/10 by Joe LeydonInfused with a strong sense of moral outrage, The Empire in Africa provides more heat than light while attempting to explain the motives and methods of combatants who waged the 1991-2002 civil war in Sierra Leone.
Boxoffice Magazine - 6/10 by Ray Greene[A] harrowing but provocative work of documentary filmmaking.
TV Guide Magazine - 6/10 by Maitland McDonaghDiaz refuses to accept received wisdom about the RUF's savagery, and it clearly took more than one revolutionary movement to reduce Sierra Leone to abject poverty.
Los Angeles Times - 5/10 by Sam AdamsThat Empire lacks clear-cut heroes and villains is not necessarily a fault, but the movie's muddle too often comes across as an attempt to avoid assigning responsibility where it belongs.
The New York Times - 5/10 by Jeannette CatsoulisA forest of talking heads and pointing fingers, The Empire in Africa is a noble but failed attempt to explicate the tragedy of the 11-year civil war in Sierra Leone.
The Hollywood Reporter - 4/10 by Frank ScheckWhile The Empire in Africa offers a litany of talking heads and shockingly violent images in its exploration of the conflict, it is more confusing and disturbing than enlightening.
User Review - 8/10 by Bri sThis documentary film is extremely disturbing. It contains footage of killed and mutilated corpses, live executions and extreme human suffering. More than ever, it is important to oppose the sale and distribution of weapons and the existence of mercenary armies. Another important lesson from the film is that the United Nations is not necessarily an instrument of peace. The film accuses the United Nations of complicity in fueling the civil war at the behest of the U.K., United States and other developed countries. Finally, we who strive for peace should not necessarily place too much emphasis on electoral democracy. Various factions in Sierra Leone twice agreed to cease-fires and coalition governments which the international community did not recognize because they did not involve an electoral process.

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The Empire in Africa