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The Boys Are Back

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A sports writer becomes a single parent in tragic circumstances.... (Full plot summary below)

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A sports writer becomes a single parent in tragic circumstances.

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USA Today - 9/10 by Claudia PuigIn less capable hands, the movie could have been maudlin. Instead, Hicks and Owen have created an intimate drama told with humor and emotion.
Charlotte Observer - 8/10 by Lawrence ToppmanThe movie should come with the tag line “Don't try this at home,” because the method has near-fatal pitfalls. Yet the characters' clumsy emotional growth shows us there's hope even for a stumbling father and two sons groping toward peace.
Portland Oregonian - 8/10 by Marc MohanHumor and humanity keep The Boys Are Back from being a cloying mess.
Philadelphia Inquirer - 8/10 by Steven ReaRelationships - between men and women, fathers and sons - are more complicated in real life, and The Boys Are Back deftly acknowledges that fact.
Miami Herald - 8/10 by Connie OgleIt aims -- successfully -- to make you think and feel.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - 8/10 by Liam LaceyFor all its generally judicious choices, there's one device in The Boys Are Back that may test the patience of some viewers. Every once in a while, the late Katy pops up in a scene to offer Joe wifely advice.
Rolling Stone - 8/10 by Peter TraversOwen, in a heartfelt, award-caliber performance, never goes soft. It's his core of toughness that makes the movie so funny, touching and vital.
Variety - 8/10 by Justin ChangThis is polished yet authentically moving.
The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Kirk HoneycuttFew films have so poignantly portrayed a father's relationships with his sons as The Boys Are Back.
Entertainment Weekly - 7/10 by Lisa SchwarzbaumWith those piercing eyes, Owen makes a lovely, soulful Joe, of course. But it's not the nice papa we want to understand here, it's the unapologetically naughty one.

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