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After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin seeks to find the doctor responsible.... (Full plot summary below)

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After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin seeks to find the doctor responsible.

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Film Comment Magazine - 9/10 by Nathan LeeThe Assignment is not so naïve as to presume that "moral and political considerations" are irrelevant to its effect, but once you wrap your head around the premise the effect is more or less played out.
Film Journal International - 9/10 by Maitland McDonagh[Not] a "good" movie in the conventional sense of the word, but it's a great piece of unbridled pulp fiction and a fabulous showcase for Weaver and Rodriguez. - 8/10 by Peter SobczynskiThis is a modestly scaled B-movie by one of the best genre filmmakers of our time, Walter Hill, that has enough skill and personality going for it to make it worth checking out, even if it doesn’t quite live up (or down, depending on your perspective) to its borderline sleazy premise.
The Film Stage - 8/10 by Ethan Vestby(Re)Assignment is ultimately canny in genre-play and unique in its time, factors that don’t necessarily make it great, but, beyond old-man-auteurism apologia, still hold somewhat of a flame in the modern age.
Village Voice - 8/10 by Chris PackhamThe film is wallpapered with beatings, shootings and bloodshed, so its genuine sensitivity to trans issues is welcome and surprising.
The Hollywood Reporter - 8/10 by Todd McCarthyThe somber tone and low-end production values may not be exactly in tune with young neo-noir enthusiasts, but more seasoned fans of the genre and the filmmaker will recognize and embrace Hill’s use of noir to play with and comment on topical issues in a deliciously subversive way, political correctness be damned.
SFist - 8/10 by Rain JokinenHill has been mulling The Assignment's story since the 1970's, and that in itself may prove a cautionary tale: If it's taken you almost 50 years to finally get your story made into a movie, it probably wasn't that great of a story to begin with.
Boston Herald - 7/10 by James VerniereRodriguez and Weaver are riveting. This lurid B-movie has cult following written all over it.
The Patriot Ledger - 7/10 by Al AlexanderTransphobia is the least of this mindless exercise's multitude of problems, beginning with the fact that the premise is so laughably implausible.
Detroit News - 7/10 by Adam Graham"The Assignment" is an embarrassment all around, a murky, regrettable piece of gutter cinema. Next year's Razzie Awards race starts here.

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