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A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions.... (Full plot summary below)

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A silent movie star meets a young dancer, but the arrival of talking pictures sends their careers in opposite directions.

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The Reel Deal - 10/10 by Mark SellsVisually stunning, imaginative, and cleverly scored and choreographed, The Artist is quite simply and quietly, the year's finest film.
Guardian - 10/10 by Peter BradshawThe happy ending had me on my feet cheering throughout the final credits. I can't wait to see it again.
Independent (UK) - 10/10 by Geoffrey MacnabBoth a surefire crowdpleaser and a magnificent piece of film-making.
Times-Picayune - 10/10 by Mike ScottA warm and comfy dose of old-school charm and smile-inducing entertainment.
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) - 10/10 by John BeifussTerrific entertainment -- not an academic exercise but an unabashed crowd-pleaser.
ReelTalk Movie Reviews - 10/10 by Betty Jo Tucker'The Artist' offers a unique cinematic experience in an age when extremely loud sound effects attack our eardrums while watching so many current movies.
Tri-City Herald - 10/10 by Gary WolcottA silent movie that speaks louder and with more power than a dozen films packed with pages and pages of dialogue. Definitely the year's best movie.
MSN Movies - 10/10 by Kathleen MurphyUnfettered by irony, inspiring the kind of spontaneous emotional response we yearn for at the multiplex, [it] immerses us in joyful illusion, a world of movies within movies.
Knight at the Movies - 10/10 by Richard KnightA movie that is so old-fashioned from beginning to end that it's literally a breath of fresh air. - 10/10 by Andrew O'HehirIn the long and fraught history of Franco-American cultural relations, this movie is more than a peace offering; it's a loving, goofy, joyous French kiss.

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