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That Awkward Moment

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Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?... (Full plot summary below)

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Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?

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Movie Reviews

FILMINK (Australia) - 9/10 by Cara Nash A slick, smug film about three guys, who we slowly, slowly watch get their act together.
HitFix - 9/10 by Drew McWeeny Writer/director Tom Gormican has certainly established a voice for his debut feature, but unfortunately, it is a grotesque, immature, and cheerfully misogynistic voice, one that I would not want to hear a second time.
One Guy's Opinion - 9/10 by Frank Swietek Awful rather than awkward is the operative adjective wince as the game cast strives to make the picture tolerable, and fails miserably.
ViewLondon - 8/10 by Matthew Turner Enjoyable romantic comedy with likeable performances, a snappy, sharply observed script and central relationships that feel a bit more real than the usual formulaic nonsense ...
FilmDrunk - 8/10 by Vincent Mancini That Awkward Moment has taken Sex & The City and made everyone younger, dumber, and hornier, while simultaneously making them hipper, sharper, and more sophisticated, like some insidious Hitler Youth infomercial for Manhattan.
Toronto Star - 8/10 by Linda Barnard Drags the most ridiculous and clichéd elements of the worst of female-centred romcoms into a male arena and calls it entertainment.
Entertainment Weekly - 8/10 by Adam Markovitz The movie's ideas about relationships would've felt middle-of-the-road in the '80s, and its big epiphany moments (Guys can fall in love, too!) are shallow enough to make you long for the comparatively profound rom-com oeuvre of Kate Hudson.
News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) - 8/10 by Lewis Beale An extremely attractive cast fails to overcome the clichés in writer/director Tim Gormican's film.
The Coast (Halifax, Nova Scotia) - 8/10 by Tara Thorne Three of the best young actors working-Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller-star in this tonal misfire that can't decide whether it wants to be American Pie or early David Gordon Green. And so we all suffer.
Total Film - 8/10 by James Mottram A box-fresh comedy both real and romantic, That Awkward Moment rarely has any of its own. Date night sorted, then...
Fat Guys at the Movies - 7/10 by Kevin Carr Once you strip away the raunchy guyspeak and the crass commentary, there's some real relationship drama going on in all three guys' lives.
The Playlist - 7/10 by Kevin Jagernauth It's that awkward moment when you realize you could've spent that $12 on anything else.

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That Awkward Moment