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Stupid Teenagers Must Die

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It's the 1980's and a group of typical horror movie high school kids are getting together to hold a séance in a haunted house. Naturally, people start dying preposterously bloody deaths, ...... (Full plot summary below)

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It's the 1980's and a group of typical horror movie high school kids are getting together to hold a séance in a haunted house. Naturally, people start dying preposterously bloody deaths, ...

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Cinema Crazed - 8/10 by Felix Vasquez Jr.This will live on in cult heaven, for that is its fate...
User Review - 4/10 by Phil NBad movie, or good people pretending to make a bad movie? You decide. Zero production values and I hate the sepia look to the film, but there is a real sense of fun to the project and Ashley Schneider has real potential.
User Review - 4/10 by Jacob Bpurposely low budget, it starts off looking like it's going to be terrible but actually ended up being kind of funny in it's own way.
User Review - 4/10 by Nathan PThe only reason this movie gets two stars is because a group of friends decided they wanted to make a horror movie, did it, and somehow got it released in chain-video-stores across the U.S. and finally made me pick it up. It wasn't that good though. Both the dvd box, and the actual dvd exclaim, "Warning: This movie depicts gruesome violence and gratuitous nudity." And, as you guessed, there was neither. Showing a couple of topless girls isn't "gratuitous nudity" and showing bad make-up and effects for blood and guts doesn't constitute a disclaimer of "gruesome violence." The plot was pretty terrible, b/c unlike the genre of film they were spoofing, 80's horror classics, there was no killer. The killer was a spirit. Not one of the friends or some supernatural dude that has an agenda to just kill horny teenagers, it was just a spirit of a guy who murdered his family, and b/c the stupid kids didn't say goodbye after their seance he is going to murder them all. Also, they didn't try to make it look like it was actually in they 80's, at least not very hard. They drove what looked like a ford Escape to the party, instead of something believable. Also, the attire of the characters was pretty bad. I understand that bad horror movies usually has stereotypical characters in it, which this movie also had, but they didn't just make them stereotypes of teenagers, but different parts of the 80's as well. There was the madonna look-a-likes, the polo-shirt wearing prep, the biker w/his slicked back hair and leather jacket, the two nerds wearing their fav. bands t-shirt, and probably most disappointing was that the only African-American character was wearing a Micheal Jackson red jacket. Just b/c he is black, he is gonna wear the MJ jacket, c'mon, everyone in the 80's wanted and wore that jacket, probably more white kids than black. Overall, I enjoyed this film b/c it was a group of friends making a spoof horror movie, and it took off. So, maybe it wasn't the film I enjoyed so much, but the way it came about. I also, think these kids that made this think that they know more about horror films than they actually do. I rented this w/a friend and told him that this movie, b/c it stated twice how much violence and nudity it had, wouldn't have very much of either, and at the end after the credits, the people would say gotcha! Well, it turned out to be true. After the credits, one of the characters looks at the camera and points and says, "Gotcha, hahaha!" Who fuckin called it.
User Review - 4/10 by Josh GA friend and I picked up Stupid Teenagers Must Die a couple of days ago based on the fact that both the DVD case and the DVD itself proclaim in bold letters, WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND GRATUITOUS NUDITY. Our suspicions were that this was a lie meant simply to entice cheap-horror nerds like ourselves. My friend joked that there would be nothing in the movie, then at the end they would look at the camera and say, "Gotcha!" It's difficult for me to say exactly how I feel about the movie. On the one hand, it is irrefutably bad -- so much so that I don't know whether I could have stood it on my own. We open with a dimly-lit, muffled shot of a couple having clothed sex on the couch, after which the girl leaves and the man gets stabbed in the neck. Ketchup-bottle blood squirts out of his neck, then he falls down while the camera watches the fake blood pool around him for a couple of minutes. But that's just a prologue. The real movie involves several annoying teenagers meant to fulfill '80s stereotypes, since that's when the movie takes place -- even though a sepia colored film doesn't make an obviously modern setting look older. The teens want to hold a seance, but of course something goes awry and people begin dying off one by one. The dialogue is stupid ("This is some sick, fucked up twist in a sick, fucked up game that you sick, fucked up assholes are playing!"), but not stupid enough to be funny. The acting is terrible. The nudity is far from gratuitous. In fact, the movie seems to purposely squander opportunities for nudity. Take the clothed sexual encounter on the couch in the opening, or how about after a girl gets fake blood on herself -- one of the guys tells her that the shower works, and the then uses the sink to provide a short topless scene. Which is why Stupid Teenagers Must Die is difficult to rate. From the title alone, it's obvious that this movie is a satire of the horror genre. The characters are purposely stereotypical, the acting intentionally bad, the lighting and sound intentionally turned down. So is the fact that the violence looks like a high school film project part of the joke? Is the fact that there is very limited nudity in the movie part of the joke? Is the joke on me for thinking this is a bad movie? Is Stupid Teenagers Must Die really a movie that is just pretending to be bad in order to make fun of other movies like this, and, by association, horror fans like myself? So there we have these two ways to look at the movie. In the one view, we've got a movie made by a few friends with a camera and a shoestring budget that just turned out bad. This explains why after the credits roll, they flash the address for the myspace page of the band who did the music for the film. In the other view, it's a movie made by people who knew what they were doing and had every intention of making this movie as campy as possible in the name of providing a jab at the horror genre in general. This explains why -- just as my friend supposed would happen -- one of the actors looks at the camera after the credits and yells, "Gotcha!" As for me, I'm thinking that it falls somewhere in between. The idea may have been to satirize the horror genre, but the filmmakers seem to think that they're much better at what they're doing than they really are; so the movie ends up being taken at face value, as the exact type of film that the movie is supposedly criticizing. Superficial in-jokes (the characters names are Alfie, Jamie, Sissy, etc.) and hilarious dialogue may sound clever on paper, but that doesn't come across on-screen. At best, Stupid Teenagers Must Die feels like a first draft that should have been re-worked two or three more times.
User Review - 4/10 by Peder SWhat a stupid movie... It had me laughing though.
User Review - 4/10 by Jose C"Long ago, in a time of pure evil... (the 1980's.)" Rispetto ad alcune tra le peggiori disgrazie del cinema moderno (gli Scary Movie, Pamela Anderson ecc.) questo film è ORO PURO. Tra l'altro ci sono pezzi che sembrano parodiare Carpenter, Romero, Hooper o Wes Craven. Preso con lo spirito giusto risulta perfino divertente. Insomma, è stato molto più piacevole del previsto 8))
User Review - 2/10 by John DThe sound quality was pretty awesome what with the not being able to hear it half the time and then hearing it very well....Great movie though...really...
User Review - 2/10 by Bruno LSeeing unsuccessful low budget horror movies just make you appreciate the successful ones more
User Review - 2/10 by Jeff SLets put it this way, I strongly support the spirit in which it was made. This mock 80's horror movie is truly a terrible movie in all respects; especially the crappy home camcorder video quality. The gory, stupid glee with which it is made almost sort of, nearly justifies the end product. There are some funnyish lines that pop up on occasion.

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